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My People
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

a few things

I see that some old friends have joined me and I just want to send y'all a hug and a hello!

Today has been a marathon day and I am in that too tired to sleep zone. I'm watching the last of the Florida game and then I'll try to wind down.

We went to Jacksonville today to get a few things that Michael had offered to me... these were things that were not necessarily necessary but were things that I knew I would not be able to replace myself.... the first being Austin's Wii! He is so glad to have it as it was a Christmas gift last year. Michael had also purchased Wii Fit and allowed me to have that as well! I plan to take advantage of that!

We also were able to take a twin mattress... it's a start! And a kitchen table and chairs! It's a really nice table and I'm so grateful to have it. I'm already picturing a little arrangement or something for it.

The big score for me was the tv that was in our bedroom... it's a pretty nice sized tv and it was my best friend while I was in Jacksonville. I would never be able to afford a tv of that size so I am also grateful to have this.

I took a few other things that were not that great in value... but that I am glad to not have to replace immediately here in Georgia, little things like boxes of cereal and other staples... tin foil... some coffee mugs that were gifts to me (although I think I may have still left a few).

There were still other things that we just did not have room for... the beautiful framed movie posters that Michael got me last Christmas, for instance... and other things that I meant to get that we just forgot. We were only in Jacksonville for an hour or so... if you can imagine... driving 5 1/2 hours or so... doing an hour of crazy, rushed packing and loading the car in that horrible Florida heat and humidity... and then making the trip back to Atlanta. I'm surprised we managed to remember half of what we did.

We made the road trip as fun as possible - me, A.T. and Cody - poor Cody was stuck listening to two 40 year old women singing "car"aoke at the top of their lungs to bad 80's songs! I was proud of myself for only requiring one potty stop each way. I would not have been able to do this without A.T. and Cody, mostly because I would have been unable to carry things down those three flights of stairs by myself. As it was... I spent most of my time just trying to make sure we were not doing anything to offend Michael.

Our cellphones will be cut off on October 26 which gives me two weeks (instead of two days, as I had thought) to replace the phones. This will help. Unfortunately, some of the financial assistance I had thought was coming does not look like it's going to pan out. As I discussed this with my sister-in-law Angie right after leaving Jacksonville, we were reminded together that my hope does not come from man, my hope is in Jesus Christ and just as He has provided for me thus far, He will continue to provide, despite what man does. I already have so much more than I could have ever dreamed three weeks ago! It's going to be ok.

Jen has asked me to post my address... and I am SHOCKED because she is usually the one warning me about the potential stalker risk... but for those who want to write me, come see me or stalk me... our address is 22B Wanda Dr, Cleveland GA, 30528.

And I need to interrupt this blog post to say, Go Gators! (sorry Erica) We are kicking Tiger Butt! Ha! I love Tim Tebow. People keep asking me how I can still be a Gator fan... I might have left my Gator man but I will forever be a Gator Fan!

I have a nasty headache that has been threatening all day. I hung in there until we finished up in Jacksonville but when we stopped to fill up right outside of town I bought a bottle of advil and we passed them around in the van. Everybody had something that was hurting...

My comments from the last few days have been amazing and so encouraging. I read them all and appreciate your input - and just knowing you're out there.

Time for me to crash... just a quick nod to my sponsors....
To Queen for recording Fat Bottomed Girls... it was meant to be rocked out to by two 40 year old girls while speeding up I-75 into Georgia... playing air drums and air guitar
To Chickfila for their awesome lemonade that quenched my thirst while at the condo
To Crystal Light for their new berry pomegranate flavor which was my traveling companion all day
To the makers of Advil for their magic pills
To Red Lobster in Valdosta, Georgia. We needed a celebration dinner and that was perfect.
To the members of Helen First Baptist Church for the prayer covering they gave us today... without a doubt we were blessed
To our former neighbors at Southern Grove Condominiums for rushing to help us with the heavy stuff and for their kind words of encouragement
To A.T.'s mom "Mimi" for the Florida football updates, peach bread and moral support throughout our journey
To A.T.'s boyfriend, David, for offering to pay for a hotel room should we have decided to spend the night in Jacksonville
To my husband, Michael, for his generousity in sharing things with me that I would have had to otherwise gone through an attorney to request and probably would not have been awarded
Most of all, thanks to my God and Savior, Jesus Christ from whom all blessings flow. We are the workmen but he is the overseer. He makes all things possible.
God uses broken vessels. God takes unlikely situations and turns them into triumphs. God gives us strength to do that which we could not have otherwise do and I am grateful.


Beth said...

It sounds like things worked out about as well as they could with your trip to J-ville. I'm glad it was okay and that you were able to get some things you need.

You mentioned a church in Helen. I've been to Helen many times! My Uncle Lin's big joke was always that we'd been "to Helen back." LOL He's been gone many years now, but I still think of things like that and smile. :)


Tina of Moon Shine said...

i think it is amazing that you are able to thank Michael for anything. or worry about offending him. and i know, that is part of the forgiveness thing and maybe I should work on that myself.
glad the trip went well and you are back home in GA. and hey, you know, GA has a good team too. but you don't really like "dawgs" do you?

Wendy in Oz said...

Glad you got back safe and sound and with some good stuff - hey the Wii and TV are good scores!!!

Keep thinking positive and you know all will be fine.


Wendy in Oz

LYN said...

Just popping in to wish you the very best...

Diana said...

Heather, I've been following your blog for a long time, but have not left a comment in quite sometime. First, I am so sorry for what you've gone through in Jax and even more sorry that it came to a point 3 weeks ago in such a tragic way. But that is all behind you.

Second, I am so happy that you rose above everything and quickly moved out. You are a very special lady to alot of people who love you and support you. You have always had such a positive attitude. I know your faith in God will lead you to a happier path in life. I pray that good things come your way....and it appears it is. But I mostly pray that you find peace and happiness in your new home. Wherever you will go, whatever belongings you will always make a happy home.

Congratulations on your road to good health too. You are headed in the right direction!! Take care of yourself and Austin.



Estela said...

I am happy that your trip went so smoothly.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, that did work out well for you. It's so hard to start over, and every little bit helps. I still can't be around my ex after years, and he wouldn't give me a bug off of the rug. Love the "car"aoke. That cracked me up. HUGS

Myra said...

Glad everything went well in JAX. Your forgiving nature speaks volumes with regard to MD...and that you are still walking on eggshels when you're around him. As you continue to focus on the future -- you'll be more than ok!

Ericanbiloxi said...

Glad you were able to get some things from the old place.
I am gonna write your address down and actually do some snail mail to ya....
Oh, and is that a damn Christmas countdowner thingy on your page? wtf! lol don't remind me...

Linda said...

I am glad to hear that you were able to get all of the things that you needed! I am glad the trip went so well. Linda

Emmi said...

I'm so glad that everything is coming together for you. Hugs. Got your addy too ... I'll be writing.

sober white women said...

Everything works out. Even if we think will not. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest because we are to busy looking at the trees.

Christy said...

Good luck Heather I'm thinking about you and know you will do okay because strong women survive and prosper!