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My People
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

my bed!

We moved in here on... October 4th, I think it was... and since that time I have been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor with an air mattress on top of it... you may have "heard" me complain about it a time or two... *wink*...

And finally... FINALLY... today I got a new bed! Granted... it's "new" in the same way a 1976 Pinto would be new... but it's mine and it's a bed and it's really very cozy!

It's been a stressful day... between the logistics for moving the bed up here... and working... and some behavior issues with Austin at school... *eyeroll*... it was bound to happen sometime!... I've had more than my share of troubles.

But here I am... sitting on a bed... a REAL BED! ... in my own little place... and I was able to pay the November rent... and the power bill... and the start up cost of the internet and phone (there was a delayed deposit on it)... and my tag... and my water bill... and we just MIGHT have enough left over to eat for the next two weeks! Six weeks ago I could never have believed this possible... and I am grateful and humbled by the whole experience.

Hope you all had a great Thursday! I'm off to catch up on blogs! *hugs*

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cw2smom said...

Things are lookin' up!! I am sooo happy for you and I wish you a blissful night's sleep...well, from here on out! Continued blessings! Lisa

Myra said...

Awww...cute bed...and as long as its comfy!

just me said...

I am so glad you got a bed, sleep at floor level sucks. Hope you have a great nights sleep.
Yeah, the bills all paid and food.
Life is good.

Tina said...

wonderful!!!!! can't wait to hear about how you sleep tonight!!!!

Dawn said...

Glad you got a bed and have time with all 3 boys together! Yahoo! Good for you, Mama!

be well...

Nancy said...

PTL for all the blessings! I'm so glad you were finally able to get a bed! :-)

Tracy said...

glad you got a bed and were able to pay the bills this month! have a good weekend. hugs

sober white women said...

That is such a nice bed!

We are finally getting on our feet and it feels so good to have our bills paid!

Emmi said...

YEAH ... you have a real bed now. So happy for you. Keep thinking positive & you will be amazed.

a corgi said...

awesome bed!!! the Lord truly is blessing you!!!!

(I got behind on blogs so I'm playing catchup tonight; reading all your entries I missed but might not comment on every one; I liked the pictures of the sunrise; your boys are handsome; my 19 y/o likes to wear his pants like Ryan does)