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My People
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just another whiny wednesday

Everyone needs a reason to get out of bed in the morning... my head was killing me but I got up to harvest my crop so it wouldn't wither. I know it's pathetic... but it got me out of bed.

Remember that song, "Just another manic Monday..."? It came out in 1986. I'm sure of that date because it used to play incessantly at the time that I was pregnant with Ryan and suffering with violent morning sickness. Even now when I hear it, I get sick to my stomach.

In honor of Whiny Wednesday, I woke up (went to bed AND woke up) with a nasty headache. I referred to it as a migraine but in truth, I don't know if it's migraine or barometric related or a blood pressure headache - because it eases up if I'm perfectly still and somewhat reclined - and it intensifies like someone has my head in a vise if I move so much as my eyebrows. I have advil on board (on an empty stomach, which may not work out well but I'm not able to navigate well enough to prepare food yet this morning) and I've got around one hour to pull it together to make it to work. I need my whole paycheck this time... every minute I can possibly get... and I don't want to miss work unless there's absolutely no way I can drive.

It's Wednesday so it's a short day at work but long day for me... with dinner at church and my Hen Party bible study tonight. I want to be able to do all the things I need to do today.

My friend Amy (commonly referred to as "Amy in Bruce's office", although she obviously no longer works for Bruce since he's retired from State Farm)... Amy was raised by her grandmother who she calls Nanny... she called on Monday to let me know that Nanny was in a local hospital (up here... Nanny lives here and Amy lives on the southside near my parents). Nanny has COPD and poor circulation. She developed an infection in her leg and it has gotten out of control to the extent that they scheduled an amputation of Nanny's leg above the knee... it was supposed to happen yesterday. In the midst of treating her infection, Nanny stopped getting her stomach meds and her bowels backed up... she had to end up having her stomach pumped on Monday evening... and then yesterday her kidneys started shutting down. Amy called me crying hysterically while making the long drive to the hospital. By yesterday afternoon they had stabilized Nanny enough to consider the amputation again. Nanny's a fighter... it looks grim but she just might beat this. My heart breaks for Amy... she's been through a lot this year... lost her job with Bruce and then was unable to transfer to another State Farm agency due to some bureacratic stuff... was out of work... had to move in with her mom... it's just been a tough year.

Yesterday I got home from work and Austin and his loser married friend "It's not my wedding night - we eloped, we didn't have a wedding" (that guy) had MOVED my tv... my big tv that I LOVE... that I could never in a hundred years afford to replace... the one we made a second, scary trip back to Jacksonville to take from It. Austin and this Loser had turned my living room into their big loser game lounge. I LOST IT. I was so angry that I said, "I'm giving you ten minutes to get my house back in order... " and I grabbed my purse and left. They did get the house back in order but they didn't think they had done anything wrong. WHY NOT steal my tv? I mean, after all, Austin BROKE his tv the day before when he was rearranging the living room. Certainly he wouldn't drop an older, much heavier tv. I yelled at Loser Boy... "MY ROOM and EVERYTHING IN IT... is NEVER TO BE TOUCHED, looked at, breathed on... GOT IT?" I stopped short of banning him from the house but if he's wise... he'll stay away. Not welcome.

It rained last night... the humidity is high... it's not boding well for a good hair day but I'm going to try to get a shower and see if I can get this dog and pony show on the road... it may not be pretty and I may not be 100% but I want to give it a shot.

Drinking tea instead of coffee this morning... Austin was supposed to clean the kitchen last night as punishment for the Gamer Lounge... he ended up NOT doing it and my sink is so overflowing that I can't even get to the coffee pot without a lot of aggravation. Wonder why I have a headache? Every time I complain about Austin, I get comments about "setting boundaries" and "taking control". I can't beat him. He doesn't have anything that I can take away... no cellphone... he's lost his gamer tv... we live a very simple life. I can put him on restriction but I can't KEEP him on it because I'm not here. I have to work. There's no back up for me... there's no guy to whip him into shape. It's just me... and this kid has no respect for me, his stuff, my stuff, rules, boundaries... he's just going to have to have an epic fail where he has outside consequences bigger than what I can create. And I'm going to LET HIM FAIL and dare anyone to bail him out (literally or figuratively).

Headache is not getting better.

Gonna stop the pity party and try to make something of this day. Wish me luck... love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Boys can drive you insane thats for sure, but when you don't feel well,its feels even worse when they do something!
Next time, go in his room and re-arrange his things... see if he pitches a fit! ha