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My People
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wednesdays wisdom...just a few random thoughts

Charlie Sheen = train wreck
French retirement age bumped up to 62? Cry me a river. I’ll be lucky if I ever get to retire.
I wish Prince William would just go ahead and get engaged. Make an honest woman of her already! I loved his parents wedding.
Ditto for one certain bachelor in my life who ain’t gonna ever do better’n what he’s got.
Pit bull + newborn in house = stupidity.
I cut my finger last night cutting cheese. Yep. I cut the cheese.
Telemarketers – you ain’t foolin’ nobody. Being sweet and sociable ain’t gonna suck me in.
I know… because I do the same thing.
Bert is coming out of the closet. Really? Because this is necessary?
To quote my friend Kristin regarding the musical, Avenue Q, “and to think… it took puppets to think of it!”
I’d rather see more of Sarah Palin and less of Joy Behar, Madonna and Lady Gaga. I’m just sayin’.
I don’t mind that Audrina went home on DWTS. I like Bristol. Sue me. She’s so vulnerable and… well, simple. She won’t win… but I enjoy that she’s going beyond her comfort zone.
I respect people who push the boundaries a little bit… walk on the edge… are willing to take a chance…
One of the blogs I read… the girl recently hit her WW goal weight and found out that… many things in her life were still the same.
Same disappointments… same character flaws… same emptiness.
This has been a revelation of mine in detaching from the bad scene I was in before… “wherever I go, there I am”.
You can’t get away from whatever is inside of you. You can improve, adapt, accept, evolve, move on.. but the same fundamental character remains.
Hiding behind a fat suit or alcohol or drugs or excuses or bitterness… pick your poison… won’t change what’s underneath.
This is why we find ourselves so often repeating the same mistakes… you’re still you.
Not that people can’t change. They just usually don’t.
Which is why I figure the girl who thought she stole a prize from me… deserves whatever she gets. If he’d cheat on me… he’d cheat on you. If he’d abuse me… he’ll eventually do the same to you… and because he’s always gotten away with it, it will only get worse.
Pretty much, I’ve observed, that karma is a boomerang. If you live by the sword, you’ll die by it.
Recently in my life I’ve dealt with a situation where someone was suspicious and paranoid and vengeful based on their perceptions… I wasn’t sure how to deal with them. I don’t live that way.
Although my trust has often been abused… I still give people the benefit of the doubt. I still live life openly and completely vulnerable.
Maybe it’s not wise but that’s who I am.
And the benefit of having lost weight before – a significant amount – is understanding what it will change in my life and what it won’t change.
It won’t make relationships any easier. It won’t make my kids more attentive. It won’t make my bills magically disappear.
I will physically be able to do more, have more stamina, and feel like engaging more in the world. Feeling better physically gives you the ability to process a lot more junk without being as overwhelmed… but the junk is still there.
I just booked another car loan! Cha-ching! With my end of the year bonus… November could be the month I actually catch up on bills and can start thinking about taking a trip somewhere…
I’m so ready to be a tumble weed… if only for a long weekend.
I’m taking Austin to get his learner’s license this weekend. I’m not sure he’s ready to drive but it’s time to start working towards some independence for him. Oy vey.
I’m postponing my own trip to the DMV to combine both errands in one. It may make for a yucky Saturday but at least it won’t take time off the clock for me at work. And Austin can stop complaining about me not letting him get his license… and start complaining about the fact that I never let him drive.
It’s always something.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! So random, all over the place with different topics! But a lot of it made me laugh! So thank you for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Heather, you are evolving .... so much more, even, than when you took your last weight loss journey. Sooooo much more! You need to publish a book. Maybe not yet, but somewhere not too far down the road, a publisher will be very interested in your insight about life ... your indominitable (sp) spirit.


Anonymous said...

* indomitable *

lol ~patty