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My People
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tuesday newsday...

Here's what's new at my house...

The shift key is working again, allowing me to use appropriate capitalization.
I've been dabbling in online dating sites again although I swore off them after my last epic failure (remember him? I took his last name)... call it a weak moment. I was bored and felt restless.
I still think these sites foster a certain measure of dishonesty... I find that people give themselves a favorable crop on their photos... gloss over some of their major character flaws... overstate their strengths...
BUT... I mean... who is going to be interested in a "42 year old woman with two failed marriages, a messy house, dry skin on her heels, garlic breath, two cats, a farmville addiction, a disagreeable teenager and a lot of baggage"...
I guess you have to market yourself to some degree and hope that you're charming enough that they don't notice that you only put away laundry every other weekend and shave your legs about as often.
You have to hope that your smile is dazzling enough that they don't mind that you iron on the floor and sleep on top of the covers, both out of laziness.
You have to hope that they don't mind your mostly vegetarian diet... or that you cook once a week and eat leftovers the rest of the week since you're such a great conversationalist.
Or that they appreciate your long emails so much that they don't mind that you absolutely HATE to talk on the phone.
"Perfectly imperfect lady seeks unattached man with no baggage"
Yep. That's me.
And did I mention my requirements of gainfully employed and not living in his parents' basement?
Ability to whisk me to Paris at a moment's notice?
Desire to have a wife who doesn't work?
I mean... if we're dreaming of a guy who loves sports AND theatre (and doesn't live in Nebraska, Mark!)... might as well shoot for the moon.
I can't believe the only item on my Tuesday News agenda is dating. I'm a one trick pony, aren't I?

BY THE WAY... thanks for all the helpful comments yesterday... BECKY! Where are you guys? Why is everyone so stinking comment shy?

In other news... the drivers license I went to get a month ago has never come in the mail so I get the great pleasure of tracking that down.
I forgot to renew my library books yesterday so I'm headed to town on lunch to settle up that debt.
I'm almost out of flintstone chewables.
I let Austin order a cellphone from straight talk yesterday. We'll be accepting donations of phone minutes.
He is going to take his learners license test soon. *gulp* As soon as I get up the nerve.
My weight was down yesterday and is *slightly* up today.
I haven't used any flex points this week which means I've been eating less than 1150 calories a day for the past three days.
I will indulge slightly today and tomorrow, I think.
I haven't exercised at all this week, despite my best intentions.
I'm just lazy. What can I say? And my recliner is a big old magnet sucking me to it.
I think I'm going to stop by and do the early voting thing today. Or maybe I'll do it tomorrow before church. Hmmm. I like tomorrow better. Sometimes they're late opening the courthouse. If they were open right at 8, I could vote and be at work on time. But... it's a small country county and people sort of operate on their own time... not mine.
The fall colors are so beautiful right now... my drive home yesterday was almost spiritual.
I had another odd headache yesterday... it only lasted about 30 minutes but it was like a knife to my skull. And then it was gone. I wonder if it's more fatigue/allergy related than anything else. I wasn't stressed, I don't think.
I fell asleep before the end of Dancing With the Stars last night so I don't know how Bristol did. I imagine she's going home this week.
Poor trick.
Must glam and pack my lunch and head to the office.
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Becky said...

I know that you're probably really happy with WW and the group meetings, but if you ever need or have a desire to use that money elsewhere, I highly recommend My Fitness Pal, which is a free online tracking site that has a Facebook-type chat quality... totally free... great database of food... and very nice people. I've made a lot of friends on there and like seeing the actual calories I'm eating as opposed to points, which can be deceptive.