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My People
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Monday, October 4, 2010

reasons to love Monday

If it's Monday... it means that my next visit to the farm is only five days away! Here are some pictures I snagged.... you can visit Loganberry Heritage farm on facebook to see the whole album, including pictures of Blackberry, the farm cat.

Inside the barn... couldn't you just curl up there and take a nap?

remember me talking about the "beautiful" peppers I used in my coleslaw and turkey veggie meatloaf? Was I lying? Aren't they beautiful?

Last night's dinner... some of that gorgeous okra! Sometimes it's a struggle... but I've decided the best way to face Monday is to Pollyanna right on thru it. You remember Pollyanna, right? The Disney movie starring Hayley Mills that was centered around this down on her luck kid who always played "the glad game"... that's what we're going to do with this Monday stuff... here goes:

1. Climate control in our house right now means opening or closing a window, not adjusting a thermostat. My power bill will be awesome in November!
2. Power bill has to be paid today and I have the money to pay it! Yay!

3. Low humidity means good hair day.
4. Speaking of hair... I wash every other day... keeps it from getting dried out... second day hair is always the best. Today is the 2nd day which means good hair + little to no effort with the glam routine. Gotta love that!
5. Can't wait until my car picnic at lunch time today... homemade hummus with veggies... steamed cajun shrimp and spinach salad... pomegranate.
6. Breakfast isn't bad either... today it's turkey veggie loaf and red grapes.
7. And dinner... mmmmmm.... oven fried tilapia and my fresh coleslaw!
8. On that same theme...on Mondays I always have the biggest best selection of food since I cook on the weekends. By the end of the week I've weeded out some of my favorites and am finishing up.
9. It's cold outside but I've got a warm kitty cat on my lap... or my legs, i should say... my legs are extended to the footrest of the recliner and Bitty is on my legs.
10. Today I get the results of my blood work... can't wait to see what my triglyceride level is. Two of my co-workers have crazy high triglycerides... I'm trusting mine is good.
My mom will be having surgery tomorrow... bowel resection... sounds major... keep her in your prayers.


Tracey said...

It's the beginning of a new week. Hope springs eternal! In that, I mean, I HOPE this week is a quick one! reading your postings!

Anonymous said...

I got the grocery shopping done early today, got all the major stuff for the month, so will just have a few mics. items to pick up through out the month. The sun is shining, the temps are perfect. God is great, life is good.

Myra said...

Yeah, but by the end of the week, you've eaten all the good stuff instead of wasting anything! Thats a great feeling too!