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My People
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tuesday newsday

Here's what's new around the homestead today:

Austin decided to rearrange the living room yesterday. It's an interesting configuration but... ultimately... I rarely use the living room so I don't really care.

I made an awesome dinner last night... just sort of thrown together... I had leftover grilled chicken, fresh collard greens, onion, and this interesting yellow/green fleshed sweet potato... I microwaved the sweet potato and then cut it in chunks... sauteed the onion and collards... then tossed in the chicken and sweet potato... the flavors meshed well and it was a nice, healthy, low point dinner and really filling.

I've had a headache for the past two days... an unusual one... it feels like I'm wearing a hat that's too tight. It hits me when I move... if I'm still, it mostly goes away... it's some sort of pressure thing, maybe sinus pressure, who knows. It's only mildly distracting. For the most part...

The Braves season is over and the Bobby Cox era is over. I haven't followed them much this year, except in mild collateral interest based on Ryan and Cody's interest. I like baseball alright but I get bored with it.

I had a really exciting entry all planned out in my head and then my computer froze up and I had to reboot and forgot what I was going to write.

Child support is missing again... should have gotten it on Friday and the kids' dad is playing gopher again... ducked out of sight as usual. Loser. Ultimately... whatever aggravation he's caused me over the past ten years with his refusal to honor his obligations to his kids is so much less aggravation than I would have suffered had I remained married to him. So there's that consolation.

A bird flew into the office yesterday and splattered poo everywhere. The new girl helped me clean the poo... and we laughed about the things that find their way into our job descriptions that you would never have imagined. I didn't mention that there are *some people* who believe that a bird in the house is a sign that someone is going to die. I've seen it happen a few times but I don't necessarily BELIEVE in it.

Brett Farve reinforces my belief that all men a lying cheating pigs. Ok. Maybe not all. All men except my daddy. And my brother Jim. And possibly my brother Bryan... he doesn't like change so I don't see him straying. I'm sure there are a few others. Farmer Brown. And I know you probably know one or two that would never cheat... but seriously... there is an epidemic of infidelity in our world and it makes me MAD!

At any rate... yay. It's Tuesday. Have a good one. Loveandhugsy'all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including Farmer Brown in your list of men who won't cheat. Mrs. Farmer Brown appreciates that. :) But yeah, you'd think Brett Favre would have more common sense than to leave voice mails and take porno photos of himself. Not smart at all.