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My People
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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I normally know by this time on a Saturday morning whether or not I'm going to have a successful weigh in... but it's cool and I'm wearing a big sweatshirt and I haven't peeled off the layers to get an accurate account.

Bottom line... I may or I may not have a successful day at the scale. Either way... I don't have to feel any losers remorse... I stayed on plan this week and although I haven't got my butt in gear yet... I know that at the very least, I have no regrets. Headaches... earaches... aggravating numbers of kids... no matter the stress, I stayed the course AND... the best part is... I don't find myself craving bad food any more and that feels like a huge non scale victory.

PLUS... yesterday I was able to go down a jean size... to the smallest size i've been since the beginning of 2008 and that makes me feel awesome! It's working... even when I don't get the big bang at the scale every single week... it's a cumulative positive transition... and *I KNEW* it was going to take between a year and a year and a half to reach my goal... I'm not even 5 months in yet and already feeling soooo much better!

I voted yesterday morning. Got my civic duty done. I love our little county... such sweet people, always friendly... everyone greets you with a smile and it makes every little errand or chore completely pleasant. I asked the election officials how many registered voters we have in our county... they said 14,000. So if that gives you an idea of what a small town this is... conversely... when we lived in Duval County, Florida... there are 1.1 million registered voters. This is why ... everywhere you go... you run into someone you know. If not for tourists, we'd never have traffic. but we appreciate the tourists... they stimulate the economy, right?

I came home last night to find a house full of teenagers. I was aggravated... I mean... I'm glad that Austin has found a group of friends to hang out with. That was important to me. I'm glad that his friends feel comfortable at our house. I'm glad to know what my kid is doing. But honestly... at the end of the pay period... i couldn't afford to feed extra kids this weekend. And last weekend I felt like I was being suffocated with all the extra people in my house. I called Austin into my room and said, "ONE NIGHT ONLY"... everyone has to go home this afternoon.

They had a good time... they dueled yu-gi-oh cards... Logan's mom brought over a ton of snacks which helped IMMENSELY. What I don't understand... they stopped up my toilet... I never ever ever have a problem with my toilet stopping up but Austin's stops up all the time. I think it's because these kids don't eat enough fiber in their coke, mcdonalds and potato chip diets and therefore are creating concrete poops that stop up the plumbing. I made them unstop the toilet.

Last night they got a little noisy when I was trying to sleep but it wasn't that they were being obnoxious... it was things like late night showers, trying to walk thru the kitchen in the dark and bumping into things... going to the bathroom...things like that. I finally almost got to sleep and the cat started choking on a hairball. It was comical... a little frustrating but comical.

This morning my toilet is stopped up again... apparently my teenage plumbers are not that talented... so after a trip to Ingles in my pjs I have banned all persons under 40 from using my bathroom. I'm furious. If I can't have my normal routine... I'll have a gain that is nothing but the result of me not being able to go to the bathroom. If Austin's bathroom isn't clean enough for them... they can clean it. No more Miss Nice Guy. I'm about to clean house and kick a few teenagers to the curb... my own might be included in that.

I'm about to leave for weigh in... will come back and let you know what happens...


Bookncoffee said...

Crackin up here over the concrete poops. lol Hope the toilet situation is solved soon. We ended up having to call a plumber eventually for our situation. Have a great weekend.

Becky said...

CONGRATS on the smaller jean size! I always feel like clothing is a much less fickle reflection of how things are progressing, but I hope your weigh-in makes you happy, too.