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My People
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

random sunday stuff

ARGH! My weekend is slipping away!

I still have a house full of teenagers. They're changing locations tonight... they will go to Logan's and they can eat his mama out of house and home. She is a nurse. She can afford it better than I can.

Actually... they've been good. Not that noisy. Easily redirected when they get carried away.

I just am such an anti-social creature. Well... I'm actually a very social creature who needs occasional anti-social periods to recharge my batteries. It's odd, I know, but I've long since given up on trying to be someone I'm not. I'm social... until I don't want to be social. And that's just how it is.

And although it's Austin's company and he's been the one entertaining all weekend... it's just more social for me than it usually is.

Remind me of this when my nest is completely empty and I go entire weekends without any human interaction.

Speaking of which... Bitty slipped out again. He was bickering with Stubby all night last night. I guess he had some wild oats he needed to sow.

I'd kinda like to take a nap but I'm just afraid it will make it hard to sleep tonight. In my blissfully empty house. The kids are going to the corn maze with their youth group. I was gonna go too... I did last year... but I'm really craving time alone.

I took a little drive this morning through the mountains. It was overcast which made the fall colors look even brighter. I took a lot of pictures... may post them later. It's cool enough for a sweatshirt... or it was then. It's 74 now but still a little overcast.

I really love fall in the mountains. This is our third fall here and it's not old yet. I still really love it. I don't love the traffic in town but I do appreciate that tourism is important to the local economy. And I know the backroads so that helps some.

I watched a lot of football yesterday. I'm watching the Falcons today. Again, I think I make a perfect mate for a sporty guy... especially a sporty guy who likes to eat healthy and go to the theatre. Ok. Maybe such a guy doesn't really exist. A girl can dream, can't she? Maybe I should explore polygamy... find a sporty guy... a theatre guy... a guy who loves to cook and eat healthy...

I'm kidding.


Once again this weekend, I managed to get the laundry all washed but I'm procrastinating on getting it folded and put away.

I started looking at cellphones for Austin. I'm going to do the straight talk plan for him... just have to figure out which phone. The thing is... he's a bit rough on stuff so I think we're going to start out with a really basic model for now. I know he wants one with all the bells and whistles and cool apps and stuff... but... let's see how well he keeps up with one and we'll go from there. I can do either an unlimited plan for $45 a month or 1000 minutes talk and 1000 texts for $30. I think... for now... we'll go with the cheaper plan and he'll just have to economize. It's still more than he's got right now.

One thing that really has gotten on my nerves this weekend is that everyone is using my bathroom. That's kinda my sacred spot. Austin uses his own... but the other kids have been using mine and I don't want to be inhospitable and ban them from it... but... it gets on my nerves.

I told you... I'm anti-social.

But I wouldn't want to use Austin's either.

So. That's what's going on here in the hills today. Happy Sunday y'all.


Jeanne said...

I hear ya on the anti social thing. I am a very social person and love to be out with family and friends....but I also need me quiet, me, alone, "pajama sunday" times!!!!


Anonymous said...

man oh man... I'm so the same. I love to have people over, but only for a little while. I think its great when theres company for the kids but don't use my things and really, don't talk to me to much...Anti social? Yep!!!