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My People
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

my week in pictures...

soooo apparently my collage didn't work... adding the pictures individually...

See the huge spider with the egg sac? It was DISGUSTING!
How about the beautiful rainbow? I pulled off the road to take those pictures... it made my day.
The top left corner is the road to Toccoa to get my drivers license... and that's me... riding with the windows down, the sun in my face, enjoying the fabulous fall weather.
There's a picture of Bitty Kitty in the window... watching the chickens in the backyard...
The sun peeking thru the trees on my way to work...
The little Catholic church that Jamie loves... it's such a cute church and they're having a pumpkin sale right now.
I also posted a picture of "downtown" Demorest... they're renovating one of the old buildings.
It was a great week!

I stayed exactly the same weight today... which is fine... I have had several weeks in a row of really good losses so to have one week where I stay the same... no gain!... that's ok.
I was awarded the "stay and succeed" charm for my keyring for attending Weight Watchers for 16 weeks. It's actually been 17 but there was that one week I didn't weigh in because I was out of town for Cody's birthday.
I have a ton of things I need to do today. I'm avoiding them all right now... just enjoying myself. I have to do that every now and then, don't I?
My house needs a good deep cleaning. I need to somehow hook up with Cody to get him the tag for his car. I still need to go to the bakery. I need to make a Walmart run.
I went to the farm this morning. Nadine had made fried okra... Organic Rose had made collards... I had some chicken salad... had some pimento cheese... pesto... and a tiny little bite of cobbler. It was all soooo good! The herb of the week is cilantro - and you can tell by my photos that I LOVE cilantro. It's really good for you, which is a good thing.
I hung out for a bit, chatting and visiting with my friends at the farm... took a bit of "city girl" teasing for wearing flipflops. Some people hang out in bars where "everybody knows your name"... for me, I go to the farm to hang out.
I still have a lot of food left from last week so I'm not doing a major cooking project this week. I think I'll put together some turkey meatloaf for Austin, he's been asking for it... and I think I'll make a pot of stew or chili... something we can reheat during the week. I bought some peppers, collards, a few different squashes... I'll incorporate some of those in Austin's meatloaf so I can trick him into eating a few vegetables.
I need to invest in a good soup pot. May do that today. Not a lot of give in the budget this week but ... as much as I cook these days, I have to sometimes spend a little bit of grocery money toward cooking tools.
There's lots of good football on tv today. Florida plays Alabama tonight. I'm not betting on Florida to win and... as much as I miss Tim Tebow and the National Championship run, it's sort of nice to watch the Gators without feeling the stress of them HAVING to win. If they win, it's awesome... if they lose... they weren't supposed to win anyways.
Right now I'm watching FSU & Virginia and switching back to Auburn vs. some Lousiana Jr. College and the Kentucky/Mississippi game.
I've said it before... I'll say it again... I would make a great wife. I love to cook and watch football. What more could a man ask for?
My friend Philip said he's placing a classified ad in the local paper to hunt for a husband for me.... he asked for my requirements... I said, "must have his own teeth or at least a good set of falsies... be gainfully employed... have a pulse"... That's about it. I kid, of course. You ALL know that I'm far pickier than that. He must love cats and God, not necessarily in that order. He must be kind, patient, smart... if he knows how to grow vegetables, that's a plus... He must not have unusual addictions to work, drugs, alcohol, sex, his mother, his baby mamas... He must be honest... pay his taxes... pay his bills... But basically... he just needs to be different from the last one.
Ok... I guess I better start some laundry and clean my bathroom.
Happy Weekend, y'all!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

He should also not be "allergic" to work!

Big Mark 243 said...

not simply be 'different' from the last one, but the things that you listed.

you don't have arachniphobia' do you? or do you have the men of the house do away with spiders?

yeah, anything is better than a weight gain... would not mind trying your turkey meatloaf!!

Diana said...

First of all, you are soooooo beautiful! Oh my gosh. You look like a model.

I have a feeling finding a husband will not be a problem for you. Funny, charming, interesting...and did I mention you're gorgeous! I'm surprised some handsome hunk hasn't already swept you off your feet. :)