My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

whiny wednesday

Sometimes I have to use a little creative energy to put together a blog... sometimes these posts just write themselves...

first thing this morning... somehow the coffee filter got flipped over and as a result there are GROUNDS IN MY COFFEE. UGH!

we're under a tornado watch.

my computer is running slow... i keep having to reboot and i haven't had time to indulge in my usual early morning pleasures.

Austin is wearing a totally inappropriate outfit to school.

My hard copy of my license never came so I have to ONCE AGAIN take time off of work to go the the DMV to try to get one. Which will again have to be mailed.

This requires a photo... it's a high humidity day... major, epic, bad hair day.

Bad hair day + bad coffee day = unhappy heather.

The abandoned child from last week really needs a safe place to live. She was left without a ride again last night. I ended up driving her home thru the wind and rain and dark. Austin says, "why can't she just live with us?" I tried to explain... my resources are stretched so far already... he doesn't cooperate... he doesn't understand my budget limitations... I can't afford to keep him in decent clothes and shoes, how could I afford a GIRL?

But how can I, in good conscience, not do my best and trust God for the rest? It's worked so far. I'm conflicted.

Joy Behar. She's on my last nerve.

The cats knocked all my neatly folded sweaters off their nice little shelf in my closet... and knocked the shoes off the shoe rack.

My laundry hasn't figured out how to fold itself.

I've lost weight but no inches over the past month. Guess that's from not exercising? Hmmm

Time is running out... must get a photo-ready glam going... hope you have a beautiful, safe, well loved and joyful Whiny Wednesday!