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My People
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Monday, October 25, 2010

reasons to love Monday

You gotta love Mondays, right? Here are the reasons I came up with today...

1. Rainy day ahead... rain makes the fall colors so beautiful!
2. Rainy day hair... no care hair... gonna have to go curly today... it's not as cute but it's waaaay easier!
3. My house has been completely and blissfully quiet for the past 12 hours... don't miss Austin yet and he'll be back home tonight before I have a chance to miss him.
4. Dancing With The Stars. I'm gonna miss Florence Henderson but it was time for her to go. Bristol will be gone tonight. Bless her heart.
5. I'm starting to just begin to think about dating. As promised, I've been directing possible candidates here. I mean... this is the real deal... no doctored photos... all my whines, quirks, complaints and miseries... it's all here. Audience participation time: If you were to leave any advice for anyone wanting to date me... what would you tell them?
6. It's the last week of October... speeding full steam toward November and my Booboo's 24th birthday.
7. White County is in the news again... first it was the sink hole at the Sonic... now it's a buffalo in a pool. Check out my facebook page for the video. We do weird here a lot, apparently.
8. I got most of the laundry washed over the weekend. No, it's not all put away but... well, I made some progress.
9. I was supposed to go to see a documentary that previews tonight about my friend's weight loss journey. I've made the decision not to go due to the bad weather... and I feel kinda relieved. That's a lot for me on a Monday. It's over an hour drive - plus traffic - and bad weather and Mondays both make traffic worse in Atlanta. I don't like driving after dark... especially if it's an area I'm unfamiliar with... and that's worse in bad weather. SO... just another normal Monday in my world.
10. It's LIBRARY DAY! Yay! Heading to the library on lunch today. Haven't even finished ONE book I checked out... will be renewing my current stuff. Actually... I think I can do that online... hmmm...

Wondering about the timing of the storms coming across Georgia... guess I better get the glam routine underway just in case there's a power issue. Hope you have an awesome day and find a lot of reasons to love Monday!


Becky said...

I would tell them... that you are a woman of great strength and passion but also great vulnerability. You believe strongly in open, honest communication and need a man who shares that belief. You have a strong faith in God and need a man who shares that faith. You are willing to give and forgive until it hurts and deserve the same in return. You have a good balance of down-home practicality, intuition, and vibrant creative energy. You are well-balanced in your desire to be social and your need for down time. You know how to appreciate and need to be appreciated. You love adventure but also love the comforts of home.

There's so much more I could say about you, but those are the first things that come to mind.

I think it's smart and brave to send potential datees here.

JennBand08 said...

I would say a potential suitor: Must love cats. Must love children, not having them, but being surrounded by them at times. Must be independant, and highly capable, because you are so very much so and wouldn't tolerate less in a man. Hmm.. what else. Strong Faith. Sense of humor. Good family values. There you go. Good luck! I know he's out there!