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My People
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

after the weigh in...

I forgot to come here and post my weigh in results... it's not that bad. I gained .4 pounds... but... considering my many indulgences over the holidays.... I'm at the exact weight I was on November 27th. I made it through the holidays and a bout of brochitis without gaining weight. THAT, my friends, is a major victory.

I just saw my old friend John Kennedy on the Weather Channel! He's a spokesman for Delta Airlines but you rarely see him on camera. John is a sweetheart of a man that I worked for back before I started working for State Farm, when I was in between jobs. He would have me clean his house, run errands for him, watch his son... he's British and has a delightful accent. :waves to Lyn: and he was the one who made it possible for me to be in Memphis for my brother David's wedding... he gave me a buddy pass so I could fly, otherwise, I'd never have been able to get there and back as it was a weekend that I had a show going on... and money was scarce then so I had to take any paying gigs I could and definitely couldn't have even afforded gas money to get there. I haven't seen him in... probably 8 years... but he looks the same.

If you think the gym is bad in January, you should see that first Weight Watchers meeting of the year... it was a zoo. Our receptionists are sweet country ladies but they. are. so. stinking. slow. I didn't stay for the meeting because I knew it would take twice as long. I'm happy to see these folks start doing something good for their health... I just don't have the patience or time today to go through the whole beginning process with them.

I left WW and went across the street to the IGA - that's our small grocery store. They are the ones that sell Nadine's chicken salad... the only ones in town unless I buy it at the farm or from Nadine herself.... so I stopped and got a container for us and a container to send home with Pop (he likes it). I ran by the bakery since today is the last day they'll be open until spring. They close up for a few months once the tourist season winds down. I went to the library and stocked up on books... I mean, if power goes out, I have to have something to do, right?

So... we're all ready... gonna head to my brother's house in a little bit for the birthday festivities... more later!


Myra said...

Congrats...once you reach goal, you can maintain, which I think is even harder than losing!