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My People
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

the perfect storm

Our local news stations are full of "the sky is falling" warnings about the potential for a winter storm from Sunday night into Monday. It looks like it's going to be the "most significant" storm we've had in several years... about four inches of snow followed by ice. I know my northern friends are snickering... but... truly, we are not equipped to deal with these things, especially not here in the mountains. I think the ice is the worst scenario... causing damage to power lines and trees.

For me... here's what I call "the perfect storm"... not in the sense of the movie by the same name... but in the sense of "everything aligning just as I would like it"...
1. My power stays on
2. the internet stays on
3. the storm occurs overnight while I'm safe in my nest
4. there is no question of whether or not to venture out... it's either obviously safe or obviously impassable
5. my pantry is fully stocked
6. it's beautiful outside ... we get our winter wonderland and it clears up within 24 hours so life can resume as normal

And it looks like most of those conditions will be met. Well, I mean, obviously I can't predict the power staying on... but the ice accumulation is more likely for parts south of us and it looks like we'll have primarily a snow event here in the hills. It's also unclear how quickly it will clear up as the temps are predicted to hover near freezing all week.

Regardless... my pantry is fully stocked. I hadn't made a serious grocery run in over a month... just picked up bits and pieces as things ran out... but I actually compiled a list yesterday and filled my cart at the store. Things were already picked over and there were already shortages, with the storm still more than 48 hours out. I ran into the Bear Hunter at the grocery store with his two blonde babies... his kids are young... younger than my nieces... but adorable. He had two things in his cart... I had a cart that was overflowing and, as usual, bi-polar. I had my healthy food and Austin's junk... and was intently studying my list to make sure I didn't forget anything.... he called out my name... I looked up... and there he was. We laughed... and then for the rest of the time in the store we kept crossing paths. He had parked two places from my car in the parking lot. It was sort of serendipitous as I had prayed about whether or not I should try to meet him. There you go.

With all the storm talk I haven't acknowledged the elephant in the room... today is my first weigh in since December 18th. I'm not stressing over the number because truly... it ends up being sort of a "do-over" for me... this is the "before" number for 2011. I weighed on 1/1/11, dutifully, and have seen some improvements since then. I've been on track all week... had pizza on Thursday night but I counted the points and stayed well within my points for the day/week. Again... it's not that hard. It takes about ten minutes a day - max - to track what I eat. That tracking is my conscience and keeps me honest. When you're single and spend as much time alone as I do, it's real easy to eat to excess. Nobody knows... until your jeans are too tight and you develop an extra chin. My tracker is the angel on my shoulder reminding me to behave.

Twice in the past week I've had people comment that I'm "getting skinny"... the numbers at the top of this blog are accurate. Nobody could accuse me of being skinny. I'm still wearing a size 14... but... I do find myself getting more toned and although I've been basically the same weight for over a month now (or thereabouts) it FEELS different. When I look back at pictures of me from Cody's wedding last May, I realize that I do look VERY different. 30 pounds makes a big difference... which... is great inspiration for me to knock off another 50 pounds this year!

So.... although I don't think I'm going to register a loss since my last weigh in... which was a gain... so I'll have two gains in a row... I'm not stressing about the scale this morning. I'm on the right track, I'm doing all the right things and I know that it's going to pay off in the long run.

I just caught Bitty trying to submarine Stubby... he was creeping under the blanket to where Stubby is comfy/cozy... inching his way along for a surprise attack. Cracked me up! And when I flipped back the blanket to expose his evil plan, he looked up at me with this innocent face and blinked hard... "well hello mommy... what are you doing here?"... silly kitties.

I had a knock on my door last night around 8pm... there was a guy on the porch asking if I knew my neighbor. (remember, I live in a duplex so we share a wall) I admitted that I had never seen her. He told me that he had bailed her out of jail last weekend... as a favor to a local attorney... and he said when he had given the young lady a ride home, some things had fallen out of her bag and he found them in his truck. He said he had been by several times during the past week and had not found her home yet... he was worried that she had skipped town. I didn't ask what she was arrested for but the context of the conversation led me to believe that it was an impaired driving situation. He mentioned she had a prescription drug addiction. He said that he told her she needed to read her bible. Of course... then he told me that his wife is an alcoholic and he stays with her because he believe it's God's will. I also believe it's God's will that you not malign your spouse but... well, whatever. He asked me to pray for my neighbor, and, of course, I will. It was just bizarre.

Austin had two friends spend the night last night. They were quiet... didn't cause any trouble... didn't make too much of a mess... I can't complain. One of them is crashed on my couch... the other two in Austin's room. I like having my kid nearby so I know what he's doing.

I'll come back later to talk about weigh in and I'll have pictures froom Jamie's birthday party later today. And after the party... I'll settle in for the duration, I suppose. I thought I might do some reorganization of my room while I'm iced in...

Hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I have a friend in upstate New York who had 2 feet of snow when we had our 2 inches at Christmas. She said they very rarely have ice, and their power rarely goes out due to the snow. They have snow plows and snow chains - we don't. No one anywhere can safely drive on ice ;)
Stay cozy in your nest.