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My People
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

the first thankful thursday of 2011

I'm not sure if I should say, "It's ONLY Thursday?" or... "I can't believe it's Thursday ALREADY?" but either way... Thursday is always my day to focus more on gratitude than attitude and ironically... it's almost always a good day. Odd how that happens, isn't it? When you look at the glass as half full... when you take a moment to reflect on the good things in your life... things go better for you. I suppose I could try to employ a little Thankful Thursday in every day. Maybe find *at least one thing* to be thankful for every day...

1. Being back at church last night was good. I love my girls... love my hen party... the fellowship is amazing, everyone in our group is intelligent and witty and we really just have a good time. We learn a lot... we grow a lot... but sometimes it's just as simple as having a group of people you identify with and a place where you feel like you belong that makes it worth it.

2. My sweet niece Jamie. She is such a loving little girl... and she is always excited to see me. She has such an enthusiasm about everything she does and it's contagious. It's precious because it's so natural... she truly just enjoys life...

3. Not to overlook Sarabeth... I love how Sarabeth plans... she is concerned every Wednesday night with making sure her little friend have a place to sit when they come to dinner. She uses my purse and my possibility bag to save seats. I had gifts in my bag for Jorjanne and Stasha last night and she took it upon herself to make sure I found both girls and that both girls knew they had a surprise waiting from Aunt Heather...

4. I love the ying/yang of Sarabeth and Jamie's sibling relationship. Jamie is a feeler, Sarabeth is a thinker. When Jamie is flitting about carefree - Sarabeth will remind her of what they need to do and where they need to go. They compliment each other perfectly. The older they get, the deeper their bond grows. I noticed that they have developed little private jokes between them... those are the things that will remain their whole lives. Their dad and I can still speak paragraphs of understanding with just a glance or a smirk. And we do. And sometimes... we're smirking about YOU. Ha!

5. The Constitution. I'm so proud that our legistlators have committed to actually READING the Constitution today. NOT acknowledging the founding document of our nation IN Congress is sorta like not reading the bible in church. Those who scoff at reconnecting with the Constitution show that they are truly not patriots and that their agenda has shifted from what our founding fathers intended. AND... bully on the New York Times for suggesting that reading the Constitution is RACIST. Seriously? Haven't we evolved as a nation? Haven't we corrected those wrongs? Haven't we outlawed slavery and segregation? Doesn't the CURRENT version of the Constitution still matter? I'm thankful for those who are brave enough to stand up for what's right.

6. My son just woke up on his own and started getting ready on his own. That's huge. Our meeting yesterday went so well and I'm encouraged about his future and I believe he is as well.

7. I'm thankful for the basics: a place to live, a car that runs, a job, food, lights, heat... seems so simple but there are so many without those basics. We got a call yesterday morning from a client who came home to find his home completely burned to the ground. He was hysterical. There are those who have little and there are those who have none and I may have less than others but I have enough. I'm thankful.

8. I'm thankful to be back on track with my food. I've had a good week of healthy eating and I'm looking forward to my first official weigh in of 2011. I basically lost a month of weight loss progress between the illness and indulgences of December. That's ok. Every day is a new chance to get it right. Messing up - not really even messing up - just not progressing for one month - doesn't mean that it's time to give up the fight. Every meal is an opportunity to get it right. Last night I really wanted the cake they had for dessert... instead I ate two dried figs and the craving passed. I'm glad I found the resolve.

9. Have you seen the story on the homeless man with the voice for radio? He has a great voice... had a good job in radio and messed up his life with drugs and stuff. He's been given a second chance and today he's on the Today show. I love stories of redemption.

Time is fleeting... must get busy with the glam routine this morning... hope you have a beatuiful day! Find something to be thankful for today!


Myra said...

I have started a gratitude entry in a day-timer, every day write, in pen, what i am thankful for. Soooo many things come to mind, so I just jot. It is easy to focus on the have-nots that we overlook the MANY blessings we do have! I know your weight loss journey continues, because you are committed. I am thankful for you, your blog. Your story is a story of redemption, too!

Heather said...

How precious of you to say that, Myra, that my story is a story of redemption, too... because this was something I was literally JUST praying about on my way back to the office... the fact that I love a good redemption story because my LIFE has been about redemption. Thank you for validating that for me!