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My People
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Monday, January 31, 2011

reasons to love Monday

Happy Monday y'all! I'm feeling really joyful this morning... which is completely out of context for a rainy Monday... but I'll take it. We don't have to understand a good mood to appreciate it, do we?

I had a rough day yesterday... had a good bit of pain and I'm so grateful that I went to the urologist on Friday and that she took me seriously... because as uncomfortable as I was even while "comfortably numb"... I can't imagine how miserable that would have been otherwise. I suppose it would have involved an ER visit. This morning - so far - it's not too bad. The anti-nausea meds have helped with the worst of it. I can handle the pain (to some extent) but I couldn't handle the nausea.

Sooooo... with that said... here are a few of the Reasons I love Monday this week:
1. the ability to mitigate some of the pain... it could be a lot worse, right?
2. not feeling nauseous or dizzy
3. Austin is already awake and drinking coffee... don't have to beg him to cooperate this morning
4. MILD weather... it's rainy but at least it's not cold or icy
5. I'm going to work today and I'm glad that I'm able to at least attempt it
6. my awesome co-workers and boss who have been kind and concerned
7. my car is running...
8. I got child support yesterday
9. the groceries lasted all the way to the end of the pay period
10. lunch is already made for today...
11. the kitchen is semi-clean (I cleaned it last night)
12. the house isn't TOO messy
13. most of the laundry is done and put away
14. I live in a peaceful little corner of the world... no political uprisings, drought, war, misery...
15. Today is my Aunt Ginger's birthday! All that I am as an aunt... I learned from her. She didn't have her first child until I was 13, so for all of those years, all of my "childhood"... I was her little girl... and she spoiled me, spent time with me, let me play with her dolls (and trust me, she has UH-lot of dolls!) made paper dolls for me, let me have spend the night parties at her house and made me feel special. I know that I wouldn't be half the aunt I am today if I hadn't had her example.

Hope wherever you are, whatever you're facing, whatever the weather and whatever else is going on in your life... that you'll find reasons to love Monday too!


Bookncoffee said...

Love reading your blog. Always inspiring. I can learn from your attitude.
Have a great Monday!