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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 3, 2011

reasons to love Monday

I'm trying to think of an opening line for my Reasons to Love Monday blog entry this week and the only words that are coming to mind are:

ARGH! and


I don't want it to end.

I don't want the holidays to be over.

I don't want to climb out of the nest and go back to the real world.

So... bear with me... I'm going to do it... but I may have to reach a bit.

1. I washed my hair yesterday so- since I only wash it every other day - I don't have to fix my hair this morning.

2. I get to wear my new cute boots again. I love them. Will post a picture soon.

3. I exercised yesterday so I am not starting my week with lack of activity guilt.

4. I already got that whole accidentally writing the wrong year thing out of the way last week when I prepared my marketing lists and wrote 1/7/10 as the date for this upcoming Friday.

5. All those clients who didn't want to buy financial products "until next year"... have to come up with a new excuse.

6. Jamie's birthday party is Saturday and I already bought her a cutiepatootie little gift - or two.

7. I have weigh in on Saturday - no more excuses for me either.

8. I ate within my points every day this year, so far. No more indulgences and no more post-indulgence regret!

9. Purple Michael is headed home to Chicago. I'm not happy that he's leaving but I know he's ready to be home after a long two months here in Atlanta. And he's always just as close as my computer or phone.

10. I like routine. Return to routine is not a bad thing for me.

11. My sweet kitties are washing each other behind the ears instead of having a hissy fight this morning.

12. Lots of good food in the house to eat. I've got a batch of red quinoa and lentils made up... I've got mung beans cooked... some beautiful squash that may find its way into my breakfast. I've got healthy, antibiotic free meat in the house... and my kid is eating it without complaining. Much.

13. I feel good today. I spent a month waking up with the icks. Today I feel healthy, strong and glad to be alive.

14. I bought an exercise ball yesterday with some of my gift money. It was just the spark plug I needed to get interested in exercise.

15. Looking forward to a picnic with a friend on Wednesday.

16. Also on Wednesday, looking forward to getting back together with my hen party.

17. My dirty birds have homefield advantage all the way thru the playoffs! Go Falcons!

Wow! I did it! I found reasons to love Monday!

I have been working on a weight loss tips and tricks post for all y'all... as much to remind myself as to preach to the masses. That will be my next post... had to work on my atttitude this morning so we needed the Reasons to Love Monday entry.

Have a great day, safe travels... and Happy 2011!