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My People
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Monday, January 24, 2011

reasons to love Monday

As of Saturday night... I was still not able to sit up... and I was beginning to get worried... will this ever pass? Am I going to be dizzy/nauseous/in pain for the rest of my life? Have I - in the words of Organic Rose - "angered the gods"??? Am I taking the wrong meds? Seeing the wrong doctor? Is it psychological? Visions of poverty flashed through my head... around midnight Saturday night there was excruciating pain... I was up most of the night... unable to get comfortable...

And then yesterday... the clouds parted and the sun broke through and I was actually able to be vertical for several hours. I'm hopeful! I'm getting better! Looking back... I think the pain during the night Saturday was a stone passing... and I think finally... after a week on antibiotics... the infection is clearing up. I'm also thinking... that, as usual, I have had an ear infection along with the kidney infection. I don't know why they always come together for me... but they do... and I think that may have had something to do with the dizziness.

At any rate... this morning I'm not nauseated and only mildly dizzy. I haven't taken any meds and I plan to hold off on taking them as long as possible. I'm having some back pain but it's bearable. I'm going to shower, go into work and hang as long as I can. I can't imagine that I'm going to make it the whole 9 hours but I'm going to try for at least half a day.

So... reason number one to love Monday - I'm going to work!

I haven't had an official weigh in this morning but it looks like the scale is moving in the right direction finally...
Yesterday I had an epiphany about the weight loss. (and recent lack of weight loss) One of the wonderful emails I got (thanks to those of you who commented, emailed, sent messages... you made my day!) encouraged me not to give up on the weight loss since I have been in a plateau for two months. I have chosen not to see it as being stuck... from my perspective... despite numerous obstacles... I have MAINTAINED my 30 pound weight loss for 2 months! I think that's a huge triumph. I've battled through holiday overeating.... holiday depression... two courses of antibiotics caused by two significant illnesses... one significant snowstorm... I don't see this two months of the scale being at the same weight as a failure... is see it as a success. And I'm really proud of myself!

More reasons to love Monday? Hmmm....
I made taboule yesterday so I have a yummy lunch ahead of me.
I couldn't finish my greek yogurt with honey and banana yesterday so the second half of that is waiting for my breakfast.
I found some awesome antibiotic free/hormone free/nitrite free beef hotdogs and had one yesterday... it was really, really good. I'm having another for dinner tonight.
My electric blanket... spread over my recliner... makes for a huge heating pad that covers my whole back.
I've added a tracker to my blog page and it looks like I'm getting about twice as many hits a day as I thought.
Austin halfway cleaned the kitchen yesterday so it's only half messy this morning. (glass half full)
Spring is getting closer with each passing week.
The next "sky is falling" winter precipitation event that was predicted for tomorrow is looking like a non-event. That's good news.

WHAT? I just saw that White County schools are on a two hour delay... what?
I guess I better investigate... well... it looks wet... but that's all. Of course... sometimes we are impacted by the weather conditions at higher elevations...
And... ugh... that rush to the door to check out the weather brought a wave of nausea. Y'all keep me in your prayers, light a candle, pull the pin out of my voodoo doll... whatever it is you do to appeal to your higher power. I know that God has a reason for this season of life for me... and I know I'm going to get through this just like everything else that has come my way...

No matter what... I'm gonna love this Monday... and I'm going to be grateful for every single positive thing that happens... and I'm going to accept every single negative thing that happens... and I'm going to keep moving forward, keep believing for better things... and know that God has a plan for me.

love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on keeping your weight off! You are such an inspiration. My Mondays are my starting day for my week so I try to have a positive attitude as well.