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My People
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

newsday tuesday, starting the year off right!

Started the new year off with a blast yesterday at work... sold my first life policy of the year! Hopefully that's a sign that this year will be better for me financially... I'm so tired of being broke.

Last night I dreamed that I went on a shopping spree at Old Navy and when I got to the check out counter, my fabulous sister-out-law in NYC was waiting with my brother's credit card... tee hee... HOPE THAT's a sign that there's a trip to NYC in my immediate future! (although y'all really don't have to take me shopping).

Austin was completely uncooperative yesterday... was a complete little pain in the rear last night... I woke up this morning to find a thin layer of lemonade powder all. over. the. kitchen floor. Heather doesn't like having to sweep the kitchen before she can make coffee. That better not be a sign of things to come.

I got in touch with an old friend yesterday... when I was a young working mom I met a sweet, Christian lady who taught me so much about having a relationship with the Lord, not just about having a religion. I was raised "in church"... but for a large part, it was an intellectual relationship, not an emotional relationship. I knew all the stories... I didn't know how much He loves me. She opened up that world for me... she lived her faith in a way I had never seen before... in a non-preachy, non-judgmental way. She was one of those Christians that made you actually WANT to be a Christian... I wanted to be like her. For years I've had her recipe for ritz cracker pie on my fridge... not because I make it that often... but because it reminded me of her sweet spirit. WELL... she is FINALLY on facebook and we reconnected yesterday. I am so looking forward to having her influence in my life again. Hope that's a sign that revival is coming into my life.

It's cold outside. January in Georgia is like a box of chocolates.... you never know what you're gonna get. Right now it's 31 degrees.

I put together a cute outfit yesterday... the dress my mom bought me for Cody's wedding that I ended up not wearing to the wedding because I realized that the dress I bought first that Marquee thought didn't match the colors but it ended up really did (still with me?) and I wore it... well... the dress mom bought me matched perfectly with this really cute scarf I bought last week while my co-worker's daughter was filling in for her friends who own a gift shop... and the scarf was marked way down... and the whole thing went together really well with my cutie patootie black boots that I love... and so I felt really put together yesterday (which doesn't happen often enough).

It's January 4th... are you still keeping your resolutions? I've eaten on plan all the live long year. No problem. I did have a MAJOR Little Debbie craving yesterday... I wanted an oatmeal creme pie and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I also wanted nutty bars and swiss cake rolls and those little white cakes... mmmm. So, to battle that craving, I completely and totally avoided even going near any store where those evil little treats are sold. Instead... I enjoyed half an ounce of this really awesome lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. It made me really happy. And then I went to bed.

I didn't exercise yesterday. I can't even pretend that I had any activity above and beyond my usual slothfulness. It was a marathon day... had to be at work early for staff meeting... RIDICULOUSLY busy all day at the office... it was payday so I had to run to the bank on lunch... left work and went immediately to my friend's house so she could sign her life insurance application... came home and found that Austin had been completely worthlesss and created a big mess at the house... went a few rounds with him... spent more time than usual on the phone (y'all know how I hate to talk on the phone)... and then was just completely worn out. And another day is gone without exercise.

My friend Tami who I grew up with... and who now lives here in the hills (there are a few of us southside kids who found our way to the hills)... is taking a Zumba class at the local YMCA. I may join her for one class a week. I think having an exercise buddy would help. As long as nobody points and laughs... but... even if they do... if I get my chubby self in shape, I'll have the last laugh, right?

Got a bit of a tummyache this morning. Ugh. I've got a bad case of the "I don't want to's"... and the "Do I really have to's" are coming right behind. I guess I better wrap this up... start the glam routine... find something so cute to wear that I couldn't bear not to share it with the world. Or... with White and Habersham counties, anyways... and go back out into the big, bad world and make some money. This afternoon I have the pleasure of picking up the Gant girls from school and I am. SO. EXCITED! I love doing the afterschool pick up thing but I'm sort of the ride of last resort since there are other people available who don't actually have to leave work to get them. I couldn't do it every day but it makes me giddy to do it. I love that burst of after-school enthusiasm.

Must wake the bear. Love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

I got black boots for Christmas too and love putting outfits together so I can wear them. I suppose I won't we able to wear them this spring . . .
I absolutely love the after-school pickup time. I love the chattering and non-stop stream of talk that begins as soon as Nathan gets in the car and until we get home. He keeps a lid on it at school and doesn't talk out of turn, so once he gets in the car it is constant. I love it! Same goes with Natalie and her friends I pick up. Non-stop chatter and giggling and comparing test grades and talking about boys and clothes . . . she'll start driving during the school year next year and I'm really going to miss that afternoon bonding time once she does start driving herself to school.
I think you'll love Zumba! A friend of mine is a zumba instructor and lost about 80 pounds in the course of a year eating healthy and doing zumba. I can't do it (no aerobic activity with my back), but tons of folks do here and get really good results. Good luck with it - and so neat that you and Tami get to do it together!
Hope you have a great day!