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My People
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

the scale is moving again!

The lady weighing in beside me at Weight Watchers this morning shouted "Yippee" and threw her arms up in the air on the scale... it was just like the commercial with the girl in the wedding dress drinking V-8... only this lady was fifties and wearing sweats and... well, anyways... it was similar... and it was so awesome that we all laughed out loud with her. She and her husband are both doing Weight Watchers... and you know how men lose so much faster. He lost 5 pounds and she lost 5.2 pounds! She was as excited about losing more than him as she was about her loss. (It was her first week).

I didn't have *quite* as dramatic an experience on the scale but as you can tell by the new ticker above, that durn scale IS moving again. I lost 1.8 pounds since my last official weigh in (two weeks ago) and I'm at a new low weight. I can feel the mojo begin to flow again! It's gonna happen... that lovely extended maintenance period has ended. I'm a loser again.

I made a quick grocery run... got enough stuff to get us through to payday... picked up my new drugs that are supposed to help me through any painful episodes... straightened up a little more around the house and now I'm tucked into the nest. Happy Losing Saturday, y'all!


Jeanne said...

CONGRATS!!!! The scale moved for me too this week...IN THE WRONG FREAKING DIRECTION...but I am not giving up!! You just keep up the great work...and get better!!! said...

Congrats on your loss!