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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, January 21, 2011

Anonymous said...
sounds miserable.The life long pity party.Some things will never change.Only you can turn this around.There has to be something that you are doing or not doing to cause all this grief.Have you tried psychological counseling? Coupled with proper medical doctors, they may be able to get you re-balanced.Joey

Who are you and why are you so mean to me? This isn't the first time you've said something hateful on my blog... the first time, I just ignored you.
I'm not unbalanced.
Why do I need psychological counseling for a kidney infection/stones?
What would I be doing to cause a kidney infection? I challenge anyone to show a more healthy and balanced diet than what I eat...
Why is it a life long pity party? because I acknowledge my frustration with a week of pain?
Because I have a few medical conditions that cause me to be more susceptible to infection? Interstitial cystitis. Granulomas. Allergies.
You are a jerk. Do me a favor and stay away from my blog. Life is hard enough without you stopping by and spreading your hate. Find someone else to pick on.
I am blocking all anonymous comments on my blog.


Jeanne said...

FABULOUS!!! (The blocking comments part!!) I said that a while back....if people don't have the guts to post their identity, they don't deserve the ability to comment. JMO.


mmmbrown625 said...

Love that you are going to block anonymous comments, although I at times post as anonymous when I am on my phone just because I can't easily post under my google id when I am on my phone. But I'm not "joey."

Back in '92 when I had been under chiropractic care for back pain that developed into severe back pain, I told the chiropractor that I was going to seek help elsewhere as it was evident I wasn't getting any better and asked him if there was an orthopedic group he worked with or could recommended. He proceeded to tell me that my pain must be psychosomatic because if I were really in pain what he was doing would have helped. I dropped him quickly and found my own orthopedist who quickly found the root of my problem: although I have a congenital spine defect, the chiropractice "care" had caused two discs to rupture. I had the worst 22-year-old spine the surgeon had ever treated and he wasn't sure I could get by without surgery. Fortunately, time, rest, muscle relaxers and a huge steroid epidural relieved me of my pain, but it did take a while. The chiropractor was a jerk. Find yourself a new doctor who will return phone calls and speak with you directly. It sounds like you need something more/different than pain meds.