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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, December 21, 2008

a bit more Sunday

Sarabeth dances to Go tell it on the mountain at the end of the service!

Singing sweetly with the choir
In this photo if you look closely you will notice Sarabeth is watching her daddy sing!

Getting cheesy on stage!

My brother and his wife Angie before church.

So... it's been a good Sunday. I spent my morning studying Ecclesiastes - more on that in a bit, maybe - I got to see my sweet Sarabeth sing in the morning worship service...

I've had another fabulous, quiet afternoon... had a phone call from my special friend... while he was shopping, ironically... because he's been lifting weights for twenty some-odd years (and has an uh-mazing body, by the way!), he has a hard time buying clothes off the rack. My tales of my Old Navy purchases yesterday inspired him, though, and he was trying to find some jeans and khakis while we were talking. I was trying to talk him through the process - he's not much of a shopper - and the difference between the straight cut, relaxed fit, etc - the different washes of jeans - he needed a bit of guidance from a more experienced shopper (me!). It was a very ordinary conversation but because I no longer take ordinary things for granted, it was fun for me.

At any rate... I have the promise of a movie date on Christmas Day and I intend to hold him to that! I want to see Marley and Me. I'm not sure that it's entirely appropriate for me to "date" and I'm not even sure you'd call it a date... I think it's more like old friends hanging out together, right? I also know that the only one who could legitimately object to me dating anyone, is certainly not concerned and I suspect would be relieved to have me move on in this way. We have (Barry and me) been conflicted on how to have a friendship at a distance (as he lives two hours away)... when we neither one feel it's appropriate for him to stay overnight here... I volunteered to let him stay here and I'd spend the night at my brother's house... it's weird. I know that the common thought is "who cares?" and "what does it matter?" and I can only tell you that it is my conviction that it is best to not even give the appearance of evil. I would not stand up in Sunday School and announce that Barry had spent the night, regardless of how innocent it was... and therefore it needs to not happen. He and I both agree on this... and it is fabulous to be like minded in this way.

I guess that's all too much information but I've always really blogged my heart and this is the reality of what's going on in my heart right now. I'm comforted by our renewed friendship and encouraged that we are talking with future sight about things that will affect us down the road. It's not getting the cart ahead of the horse... there were roadblocks three years ago, there are roadblocks today. I have an enormously different perspective, of course, and I'm grateful for that. My faith is important to me, it's fundamental to me... and I don't want to be duplicitous. I'm not living in a cave... and I'm glad to be able to find hope in future relationships... and comfort in old friendships for the time being.

The winds are gusting and howling outside... my wreath has been knocking against the front door all day. I've been nesting in the big comfy recliner in my living room since Austin is still with Devin (and therefore not setting up camp in the living room - which is his nest!). God bless my cousin Kevin and his wife for keeping Austin all weekend! I know it has been a great time for Austin and Devin and a welcome break for me! I actually managed to get my house clean since he hasn't been around to make messes! I have a big pot of potato soup bubbling on the stove and a fresh baked blackberry cobbler for dessert. The house smells amazing and it's warm and cozy from the cooking and the laundry.


Tina of Moon Shine said...

i understand perfectly what you mean about Barry and no appearance of evil. I wish more people thought that way.
take care

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwwww I can smell that soup!!! I have read Marley and Me - I so want to see the film!!!! Laine xxxx

Happy Christmas xxxxx

Peaceful Epiphany said...

We had such different Sundays.

Yours involved church.

Mine involved watching my puppy play with a butt plug.



Peaceful Epiphany said...

P.S. I am afraid Marley and Me will make me cry. Therefore, I am staying far away from that movie.


JennBand08 said...

Mmmm.. I want some potato soup! Sounds good. Glad you had a great Sunday.


Big Mark 243 said...

I feel you about you and Barry ... I hope y'all can manage to maintain a worthwhile relationship without compromising your spiritual growth, for you emotional goals.

Christy said...

Hey girl! sounds like you are doing are a fighter....i'll hit you up on myspace good. Christy