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My People
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Friday, December 19, 2008

my office

Here are some pictures of my little office. Right now it's a little makeshift... we're beginning some renovations that will give me more space.

See that brick wall on the right side of the photo? That will be torn down and the room expanded out... and we'll have glass store-front windows instead.

You may notice my little Christmas tree where I've put pictures of my friends' kids that come in Christmas cards so that I can enjoy them all day long.

The brick wall and the fireplace are both going... the fireplace will be replaced with a wall.

The room I'm in is the lobby... it will be expanded enough that people aren't sitting right up underneath me while waiting to see someone else... and clients I'm meeting with won't have to have other people up so close.

You can see from the outside shot... those windows overlook my desk... that brick wall will be gone and the room will be expanded to where that brick pillar is located.

Yesterday was the first day of construction. They tore out the flower beds. That's about it. The messy part will be when they take out the fire place and the brick walls!

It's Friday! Austin is spending the night with his cousin tonight so I've got the whole evening to myself. The weekend countdown has begun.... less than 12 hours!

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Remo said...

Cool office. Things are really coming together, huh?

Good for you. :)

Chrissie a.k.a. HoneyB said...

Nice office. Enjoy your weekend alone.
Take care, Chrissie

Myra said...

Its important to have your home away from home comfy. Time for some R&R...

Estela said...

I love when I get an evening to myself. Tonight I will be enlisting everyone's help to get the van packed up for our trip. Enjoy the Holidays!

Big Mark 243 said...

I find it interesting that you are looking forward to your weekend without Auggie ... any plans or any HOPES for the weekend?

You take care of what you DO do this weekend. Don't take a step back. Better to be still than go backwards. Be well!

sober white women said...

I like the brick and the fire place it just looks so cozy to me.

Beth said...

That looks like a pretty comfy office. With an expansion, it will be even nicer!