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My People
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Monday, December 15, 2008

a whine

I'm home early... had to bail out of work after just a half day because of this stupid earache. I hung tough with the kidney infection but this ear stuff... it's just kickin' my butt! I went back to the doctor and he said,

1. Go Gators! (the guy filling in for my regular doctor graduated from Florida!)
2. My ear is badly infected
3. I shouldn't have been able to get so infected so soon after being on the other antibiodics from the kidney infection which means....

1. This is a pretty nasty strain of infection
2. My resistance to infection is pretty much non-existant right now
3. I need to see an ENT specialist because grown folks shouldn't have two ear infections in the course of a year, especially on the meds I was on...

The infection is bad enough that the doctor was concerned about hearing loss. Here's the thing that frustrates me... I saw a doctor. It's not like I just ignored the pain. I went to the doctor in the very first week. I was on meds from the very beginning. And really... the only reason I ended up back at the doctor was because I called to see if they could do something for pain since the drops aren't working. They said, "ummmm... should be better... can you come in?" And since I was miserable... I said, "yep". I even called back and asked for an earlier appointment... which is how, btw, I ended up with the Gator Guy. Actually this guy was from Jacksonville and went to the same high school that Austin was in before we left Jax. My world is so small...

I wanted to make potato soup for dinner but I can't find the little handwritten scrap of a recipe that I have always used. It starts with bacon and has onions and is kind of chunky. It was my friend Christy's nanny's recipe. It's been so long since I cooked "from scratch" that I've lost some of my skills. So I think Austin has decided to make sloppy joes instead. Right now all I want to do is zzzzzzzzzz... between the pain pills (finally!) and the decongestant that is supposed to take some of the fluid and pressure off of my eardrum... I'm loopy.

I did manage to work on my Christmas cards while waiting at the doctors office... and JUST MIGHT get some in the mail. All y'all who gave me your addresses... I have totally lost them... I'm that disorganized! The Gator doctor was impressed with my Gator colored holly leaves... takes a real fan, man!

Stubby the 3legged Wonderbrat is stuck to my leg while I'm typing. He's so paranoid that Austin is going to take him away from me that he starts crying if Austin even opens the door. Geez.

I have hit rock "What Not To Wear" bottom today. I actually went out in public in leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Pathetic. To my defense... I knew I was ONLY going to the doctor's office and then possibly to the drive thru pharmacy. It's raining. I wanted to be able to come home and slip right back into bed... I don't feel good... but I will admit to grimacing when I saw myself in the mirror. Have mercy!

Wishing you all hope, peace and joy...
Happy Monday...


Indigo said...

I know way too many ear infections, I totally get the pain your feeling. I hope they're able to get it cleared up soon. As for the what not to wear moment, only someone who was pretentious would dare to point it out when someone is in pain (winks)...Hope your feeling better soon hon. (hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your ear is still bothering you . . . but glad you were able to get in to see the doctor.

I had to take Natalie to the doctor today, too. She has an upper respiratory infection and feels lousy . . . let's see, I should have it in about 10 days . . . as long as I can keep Nathan from getting it.

Potato soup sounds yummy. We went to a party yesterday for Doug's aunt's 70th birthday and her daughter made Pizza Soup from the crockpot lady on blogger . . . delicious!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

PS/When are you going to the ENT?

Nancy said...

I do hope these new meds will finally get you on the road to a full recovery. Take it easy and get some rest!
Nancy :-)

cw2smom said...

Get better soon Sweetie! Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way! Lisa

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I hope you get some relief. I wonder if you might have a system wide Staph infection???? very, very possible...
that recipe sounds really good. and as for your clothes... As long as you don't wind up on a website with a big X across your pic, don't worry about it! lol

Beth said...

Feel better soon, hon. You might want to ask the ENT doc to do a culture, because it sounds like they need to find out exactly which antibiotics this bug is sensitive and resistant to.


Big Mark 243 said...

I am gonna have to say the outfit was inexcusable under any circumstance other than ambulance!

Hope you feel better sweetie. Sometimes you need a totally different doctor to look at you ... some doctors will tune you out after awhile.