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My People
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

news from the nest

I told y'all I'd be back some time today.

News from the nest:
My DISH network has the capability for me to choose programs in advance and the tv will automatically change to that channel when the program comes on. I am LOVING that!

I picked up the new Fitness magazine in anticipation of getting myself back in shape in 2009. Lots of great snack tips. I read them while drinking a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Ok... so I'm not quite there yet.

My friend Amy sent me a text from the hospital. She said her Pawpaw was helping her Nanny sit up in the bed... he said, "wow, you sure are skinny"... she said, "you picked a fine time to notice!" She has pneumonia and is in ICU... but apparently still has her sense of humor!

I cooked a roast in the crockpot. It wasn't my best. It was only ok. Next up for the crockpot: pinto beans. I bought dried beans today. It seemed like a good idea. I figure beans and cornbread would make a good winter meal.

Stubby the 3legged wondercat has a new trick. See... yesterday when I came home from work there were mini-marshmallows all over the living room floor. I asked Austin how it happened and he said Stubby was running around the the bag in his mouth and it somehow came open and the marshmallows got scattered. OH REALLY??? I think that answer is somewhere in line with "the dog ate my homework" only at my house, the cat scattered the marshmallows. You can't make this stuff up.

Other new techie find - the google reader feature... I can read blogs all from the same page. I just can't comment that way. I'm keeping up with all your blogs better... but you won't ever know it. Blogger has to come up with some kind of alert feature that doesn't have to be instigated by the blog writer.

I have definitely acclimated to my new small town life. Today I found myself actually driving the speed limit through town and not being aggravated at having to drive so slow. I have not yet acclimated to driving with a coat on... I still wear it to the car (all five feet) and then take it off and put in the backseat and then wear it in wherever I'm going. I wouldn't wear it at all but sure as I don't, I'll have a flat tire or something and get stranded in the cold with no coat.

I managed to get some sausage balls made up today. I have not, however, completed my Christmas card list. Tomorrow... I also have to do some shopping tomorrow - it will have to be online shopping. I'm not up for the mall.

I watched University of Kentucky basketball this afternoon. Back in my time before Michael I was a huge UK bball fan... I still enjoy watching them. I'm anxious about the Heisman award tonight. I am hoping Tim Tebow can repeat... but I doubt that will happen. Bear thinks that Colt McCoy will get it. The tv is programmed to change to ESPN at 8pm so I don't miss it.

I am trying to train Austin to use cloth towels instead of paper towels whenever possible. He is not one to accept change... but I've told him that we are trying to economize and also be kinder to the environment. He asked when I became a tree hugger... I told him it happened somewhere around the same time that I started having to pay for my own paper towels.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm doing ok financially. We are getting by. It's been an adjustment. There are a few things that I'm behind on but I'm managing to keep my head above water. It was scary to look at it from the other side and think about being completely self-supporting again but it's been ok. The price of freedom, I guess... I'm blessed to have the job I have and to be able to make a decent living here. There are so many people out of work... so many people trying to make it on much less than I have. I had a client yesterday tell me that his wife brings home "about two every two weeks". I said, "two thousand?" ... "two hundred". Wow. I don't know how they do it. The husband is out of work.

There will be no cellphone pictures of me posted tonight... the hair is in a ponytail and I've got mascara smeared all down my cheeks from laying on my side trying to get the eardrops to work their magic.

Bored yet? I guess it's time to wrap this Seinfeld episode up. Hope you all have a great evening!


Myra said...

Simple & sweet is good! Don't you hate when you started with a perfectly good piece of beef, and somehow in between, something happened where it just wasn't the best. I can't stand bland! I've started using the Liptons Onion Soup, mix it up, and pour on top of the it great flavor.

Remo said...

Hmmm. A crockpot full of leftover roast and pinto's?? Nothing better in the winter.

Of course, in AZ we throw in green chile, cumin, and a handful of cactus.

Just kidding about the cactus.

Tina of Moon Shine said...

i am glad you are making it financially. I am not quiet there at the oment but by the first of the year, i should be.
take care and have a wonderful weeekend!!!

Big Mark 243 said...

Don't know who is higher on my 'don't root for list', Duke or UK ... maybe it is UK, cause even I got a thrill out of the shot Lattener made to beat the Cats in the NCAA's ...

... partial to Louisville ... Darrell Griffith was a stud!

If I had a crockpot ... I may pick a cheap one up one day!

I have always enjoyed myself in small towns ... would not mind hanging out in one again ... no fear whatsoever. Would definitely have to get a netflix account if I was in your lil' mountain town!

Would have LOVED to have seen a picture of you as you described!! Sometimes when you think you look your worst, you look more attractive!

LYN said...

do you read my blog?? just wondered...

Beth said...

U of K...pftttth! ;)

I've been using Google Reader since I moved my blog over. It works great, and you can easily see who has updated!

I recently made black bean soup in the crock pot. It was yummy! I'm like Myra--I often use onion soup mix and red wine for a crock pot or Dutch oven roast. Very tasty!

Hugs, Beth