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My People
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas decorations are coming

I realize that I'm probably the last blogger on who still has a fall motif. I have picked out a cute Christmas background but when I went to update my template, it said I was going to lose all my widgets. I love my widgets. I don't want to lose or recreate them. I have to figure out how to update the template without losing my stuff. If anyone knows... please leave me some simple instructions!

I have some pictures from my day... I tried to arrange them in chronological order and that wasn't as successful as I had hoped. Oh well. You don't come here because I'm a webmistress... but because I say a lot.

So I will say... today was a good day. I started with breakfast with my school friend, Mary.... we then made a run to the mall... I bought ONE thing... a comforter set that was marked down from $140 to $20... and then I had to get the heck out of dodge. I'm just not a Mall Girl. Mary stayed and did some more shopping but she's way more hardcore Christmas than me. I'm the flakey one. She's always responsible... she probably has finished her Christmas shopping now. I haven't even thought about it.

After leaving the mall I went to the thrift store. My last winter in Georgia I was a size ten. I am no longer a size ten. I needed some winter clothes. I needed some work clothes. My budget is limited. Therefore... the thrift store was the place for me. I bought fifteen new pieces of clothes for $45. B-uh-uh-argin! Three of the items still had the store tags on them. Lots of people buy things and never wear them and never return them and end up donating them. That's where Heather comes in... giving abandoned clothing a home!
Then I met Austin's dad to pick Austin up (did I mention he spent Thanksgiving night with his dad?) and me, Cody and Austin and Marquee (Cody's girlfriend) went to the Christmas Tree Farm to cut down a tree. If it was up to me... we'd have an artificial tree or a precut tree... but for most of my kids' lives... well, all but the last two... we have gone to this same tree farm and picked out a tree. They wanted to do that this year... Cody is coming up in my dad's truck tomorrow... it was a perfect time for us to get one... so we did. Last year we didn't have a tree... the year before we bought one at the catholic church... so it was particularly special to us this year to do this as a family.
Tonight I'm getting the house cleaned up and moving furniture so that when Cody comes tomorrow with the tree - and with my new/used bookcase, thanks Mom and Dad!, I will be ready for both. Cody is also hanging pictures up... so this house will very much look and feel like home after this weekend.
I've been complaining about not feeling good so much... I hate to make this a "heather's health update blog"... but truly, I am feeling soooo much better! Next time I get sick, I will have them START with the shot instead of waiting until I get completely run down first.
Time to get back to work... *Hugs, y'all*


Tina of Moon Shine said...

I always heal faster if I have a shot. taking things by mouth takes a long time to get in gear with me...
Love hearing about your trip to the tree farm. That trip was also very symbolic this year, wasn't it?
enjoy the rest of your weekend..
pssst. I have an interview on Monday! pray for me!

Big Mark 243 said...

Sounds like you had a full enough day. I love going to resale/thrift shops and garage sales ... as to the tree, I am not an outdoors cat(I'm declawed!), but since it is for the boys, it is all good.

Up in the Mountains, I wonder what kind of stuff they have in the malls ... any outlet mall in the area? That was something I've missed about being in the Carolina's, OUTLET SHOPPING!!

Myra said...

I'm not a mall girl either...I have to know what I want, go in, get it and git...right when they open, before the crowds hit! Sounds like a relaxing couple of days! Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hope u enjoyed ur christmas
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JennBand08 said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! Sounds like you had a great, productive weekend. Loved hearing all about it. ~Jenn