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My People
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

don't worry, I'll catch up....

I'll be going in to work early this morning to try to make up some of the hours I'll miss going to the doctor today. I slept well last night and woke up around 4am. Not as much sleep as I wanted... but better than the night before. I will be doing WHATEVER the doctor tells me to do, I promise. I am soooo looking forward to time off, even though we're going to be heading south Thursday morning and I plan to stay overnight at my parents so that Austin can stay overnight at his dad's (his dad live about 45 minutes south of my parents). We'll be back to the mountains by Friday afternoon and I'll have lots of hibernation time. For the next month we don't have Sunday night or Wednesday night Bible studies and although I dearly love my Bible Study groups and my girls.... going to church *only* once a week will help me.

Last night I called my husband about the whole illness thing. I don't know exactly what I expected him to say but ... there is still a part of me that relies on him, his wisdom, his input, his concern, his advice. It's kinda stupid because if there was one aspect of our marriage that he hated, it was when I was sick. He was NOT meant to be a caregiver! But he was kind and remembered that part of my problem in April was that I can't keep antibiodics down... and therefore don't take them all. I have been taking them... not in the morning but at night. The only way to keep from throwing up is to lay perfectly still and I can't do that in the morning. So I need to tell my doctor this... that I'm probably going to need something different.

Sorry to rattle on about this... that's how I blog... whatever is on my mind is what comes out. That gets me in trouble sometimes... but it's just what it is. Someone asked me yesterday how long it takes to write a blog entry... oh... about half an hour... it takes about the same amount of time it would take me to say it. It's just me talkin' to ya. I've had a request to write a book for a friend who has had an interesting real life experience... they don't feel like they're articulate enough to put it down in words so it would be a collaboration. I'm interested. I am not sure that my chatty blog writing style would translate well in a book- but it's worth a shot, I suppose.

Baby Eden, my friends' baby who was born eleven weeks early on 09/28/08 went home this past Monday! She looks amazing and they look delighted! Grandparents are on their way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday...

I have so many blogs I want to visit and comment on... I'm behind. Most of us are, I think. Just *group hug* know that I love you all still and am thinking of you, even when I don't stop by as often.

My goals for the next five days:
48 deviled eggs
corn casserole
broccoli salad
sausage balls
trip to Riverdale/Jonesboro/Fayetteville
visit with Mary
visit with A.T.
visit with special friend *wink*
visit with my parents and Cody
get Austin to his dad's for an overnight visit
thrift store shopping for winter/work clothes - I have budgeted $50 for the thrift store - which should get me about 15-20 new articles of clothing
get new tires
get pictures hung at home
get my brother to move the curio cabinet over from their house to mine (they are giving it to me)
get the bookshelf my parents offered me moved up here and set up
do something about curtains
(I want my home to look more homey with Christmas coming!)
start on Christmas food/craft projects - at least conceptually
catch up on blogs
buy sheets for my bed (still don't have sheets!)
help Austin work on a science project (thank you SHERIE!)
find/buy a dresser to get my folded clothes organized
start to sort through my Christmas decorations - the tree will have to wait until next weekend, I think, but I can put the other stuff up
get my Christmas cards done and mailed
get well

I'm sure I'll blog a dozen times over the weekend. Most people get too busy with the 3D people in their lives to blog... I love to blog about the 3d people in my life!
Hope you have a great day!


Estela said...

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you get some rest with that 5 day plan you have!

Estela said...

I'm sure this isn't the first one, but I have awarded you the Marie Antoinette "Real people, Real blogs" award. Stop on by. Hugs.

Myra said...

I do hope you feel better, and all that rest AFTER the big day should be good for you! Hope your doc appt goes well. Be safe.

Lainey Laine said...

Wow that sure is a list!!! Bet it felt better after you wrote it all down! Laine xx

Ericanbiloxi said...

lol, I think that I know you too well, because when you gave the *wink* on your agenda I knew exactally where that was going.
Have a safe trip, there are gonna be much more tourist out and about on the roads this holiday season, with gas being so dang cheap.
Gobble^ Gobble^

Dutch said...

I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time off. Hugs

sober white women said...

I do hope that you keep taking all of your pills. I know that I hate to take mine, so I take them right before I go to bed, and then I can sleep off the sick feeling.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop bye and wish you and your Family a Happy Thanksgiving God Bless Kat:)

slj said...

As you know, it takes more than a few months for the heart to heal. I'm glad that you have your church to see you thru this rough time in your life.
Wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweetnessk71 said...

Happy Thanksgiving and get well soon. Safe travels to you and family.. :)