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My People
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Friday, November 14, 2008

that DURN cat!

When we moved here to the mountains, I tried to make Austin's transition easier by allowing him to bring his cat, aka "Stubby, the 3 legged wonder cat".

Stubby is not showing himself to be a good roommate. Last night he woke me up three separate times. I wake up enough during the night just having to go to the bathroom. I don't need a cat to rob me of more sleep.

Stubby thinks he's my cat. It's not that Austin's doesn't love him. Austin feeds him, gives him fresh water, keeps his litter box cleaned out... and Austin is the only one in this house who can stand to touch him. Stubby has bumps and ridges all over him. He is not some soft, fluffy cat. He's all rough and icky. I get creeped out whenever I touch him.

Stubby has this nervous condition that causes him to try to pluck out his own fur. He licks himself so hard it sounds like juicy nails on a chalkboard. It is seriously the most disgusting sound in the world... I cringe whenever he does it and he always wants to do it on MY bed. Why is he on my bed? Because he thinks he's my cat.

When I'm using my laptop, Stubby thinks he needs to supervise. He does everything he can to insinuate himself between me and my computer. When he can't get between us, he will show his love by scratching his bumpy head on the corners of the monitor. It drives me nuts.

Stubby is also obsessed with my cellphone and my remote control. He has a tendency to try to romance the remote control. He licks it... nudges it... cuddles it... and if it happens to be in my hand - he will try to get in between me and the remote.

He thinks his special bed is my rickety makeshift bedside table. God forbid I should leave the remains of a snack or a drink on the table... Stubby thinks those are offering left for the cat.

My usual practice is to put the cat out of my room at night. Last night I decided to leave the door open. Stubby woke me up several times by licking my hands and face and nudging me with his nubby head. I got up and put him out and closed the door... so the persistent brat kept bumping his head on my bedroom door which created a loud knocking sound... for an hour.... so I tried to put him in Austin's room and close the door... but he hid under my bed and hissed at me when I tried to get him.

Now it's time for me to get up for work... I'm exhausted and feel like I pulled an all nighter... and the cat.... that DURN cat is sound asleep in the middle of my bed like he owns it.

Free Cat - missing half a leg and half his fur - not loveable - bossy, rude, demanding - smells bad - you can't rub him - declawed and spayed - free to a good home.


Estela said...

Somewhere between when Smokey arrived and now, she ceased to be Kendra's cat and became mine. I am not sure why that happened... Kendra took good care of her and I ignored her but now she is mine. I have the same problem.. if I leave her outside my room at night, she scratches (sans nails) the door and cries pitieously until she is allowed in. When she's in bed with me, she insists on being around my head. If I read in bed, she drapes herself across my arm so she can stare at the book pages too. LOL...just commiserating, I don't have a solution.

Myra said...

Thats a cat for different from a dog! Cats are masters, and everything is on their terms. I am so not a cat person, and when I moved in with Glen he had 2!! The operative word is HAD, because it was either the cats or me that had to go. 'Course I didn't actually say that, but I certainly insinuated it enough. They went to good homes, and now I am happy.

Anonymous said...

I don't like cats ~ don't really like the cats that stay at my house, but at least they stay outside. I do like that they eat mice, though. When we don't have cats around, we tend to have mice (and an occasional snake) from the barn. I like mice (and snakes!) less than I like cats. Nathan, on the other hand, loves cats and wants to have an indoor cat. Luckily I am allergic to cats, so that won't happen. His plan is to grow up and have indoor pets . . . forget a wife, children, or a job, he just wants indoor pets . . .

Tina of Moon Shine said...

james does the same thing with remotes and phones. I think that he thinks they are brushes. he espeicially likes it when the phone vibrates.
as for your cat, well, he probably prefers women to men.
Whenever james does that to me at night, with the licking and stuff, it means he is hungry. if he isn't hungry, he doesn't bother me at night at all. Try giving him some food next time....

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather I do not believe we have ever seen a picture of stybby cat. LOL Just try to love him though. Cats are very sensitive! LOL

Janie said...

We had a cat years ago named Stubby. Some kids had set his tail on fire! Husband's cousin brought him to us. Why is he that way; from being hurt (the bumps and ridges)? Oh my, I wouldn't want him around my laptop. lol My husband is the cat lover in my family. We had a stray cat (free??) come to our place and by the time we got him fixed and meds for a cold it cost us $136 !! He has an alergy where he coughs up this stuff.. his nose runs all the time. I don't want to pet on him. He is a outside cat. I like the 3 kittens (2 yr old now) that I had to help raise since 1 day old... husband got them & mamma at a garage sale. hehe Never know what you might find at a garage sale. lol Hope you make it through the day without falling asleep. Blessings, Janie

Nancy said...

Awwwww... he just loves you! But what a pain I'm sure! I'm not a cat person at all, so I have nop sympathy for Stubby! LOL
Nancy :-)

Emmi said...

LMAO ... what a story. I'm not a cat person at all but we have a pom who just grosses me out. Can't stand to pet anything but her head, she smells bad no matter what you bathe her with, she's always eating herself & she breathes so heavy that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. It's crazy what we parents will do for our kids pets.

Ericanbiloxi said...

LOL, animals are supposed to be soothing and stress relievers....guess not always*
I will never ever own another cat.
I wish you would post a pic of stubbs. Try to buy tri legg one of those scratching boxes with the cat nip and only allow the three legged thing to have it only at night....maybe that will occupy it and let you get some sleep.

Beth said...

I think you need to give in and go over to the "Stubby Side." ;)