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My People
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

sunday night

Happy Sunday evening from chilly White County, GA. Can you believe how far north we are? It's strange to think that my husband is way at the bottom of the state plus a few counties. I'll feel so much better when I can think of things without including him in the equation. We will NOT be having Thanksgiving dinner together... in case anyone was wondering. I offered. *wink* Especially if he was going to be spending time with Bobby. I really do want to be a resource for Bobby... but he'll be with his family elsewhere... and Michael will be with his... and I'll be with mine... I would LOVE to spend Thanksgiving in NYC with Bryan and Candice... not this year... but someday? Maybe?

Ok. I've spent the weekend resting and trying to feel better. I've got some nasty pain but I'm taking an over the counter pyridium that does a pretty good job of numbing me up. When it wears off I am doubled over... so the trick is to not let it wear off. Tomorrow should be interesting at work... but I will NOT miss a day of work! I may be swallowing advil like m&m's but I will go to work!
Picture of me and my Aunt Ginger last Christmas.

I've had lots of company today - at least by phone and email- my two "big boys" both called and it was good to hear from them. They both have girl issues.... but it's sorta sweet that they are comfortable talking to mommy about their problems. I also talked to my Aunt Ginger... we'll be at her house for Thanksgiving. (subliminal message to Melissa... would be nice to see you...). And I have a few new friends who have been keeping me company *wink*.

I'm watching Bridezilla.... it's really therapeutic... it makes me feel sooo much more normal! There was just a wedding in Vegas and that sorta punched me in the gut... but otherwise... I realize that I'm way more normal than I get credit for. I was so passive throughout my wedding by comparison. I mean... our wedding day got edged out by a timeshare tour and I was nothing but smiles....

My adorable cousin Christie who is about to give birth in the next few weeks. She's reportedly gained lots of weight... she wears a "size six" now.

I got the menu for our Thanksgiving dinner. I have two requests: deviled eggs, an egg salad sandwich for my aunt and sausage balls for Cody.


Anonymous said...

Is Bobby with Michael full time now?

Myra said...

It just ain't Thanksgiving without sausage balls...for Cody! We all have that comfort food from our childhood that just makes the world a little better! Since my grandma has been gone, and a few years before then, her stuffing is a memory that lives in my mind...and the scent...I can still smell it!! I love Thanksgiving!

Big Mark 243 said...

Sounds like you are looking forward with a smile! Good for you. Keep them apples up!!

slj said...

Good morning, I was so glad to find your blog. I have often wondered how you are doing. I'm sure it will take me a little bit of time to read more of your blog.
Just wanted to let you know that you were missed.

Lainey Laine said...

Hi Heather, Im so glad you had a lovely weekend and I hope that this week is better for you. Laine xx

sober white women said...

It has been chilli here, but that is o.k. We do not spend the holidays with our family, but that is o.k. because we are surrounded by friends.