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My People
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

last bits of weekend

My friend Matt - affectionately known in my blog as "Attorney matt" has written a book. You can order it at Search for "Good Hope" by Matthew McCord. I'm so proud of him! I'm a little miffed at him because he was at Blood Mountain (not too far away) today and we didn't get to visit. Matt is one of those people whose wisdom I crave. I know that I can spend one hour with him and feel inspired. His book will be a great purchase... I'll be giving it as Christmas gifts. I need to catch the live show soon... need a word of encouragement.

We finished the Cup and the Glory sessions tonight. I have so much to think about where that is concerned... so much I want to really dig deep into... I'm doing three bible studies at church... I'm doing a divorce care online bible study... I'm studying my bible at lunch every day. I'm really immersing myself into the Word of God to find answers... strength... guidance...

I'm looking for answers of how to heal broken relationships. Not my marriage - but other relationships in my life that could be better. I am figuring out that I'm either too much or not enough. I am outgoing unless it's something that hits closest to my heart and then I just clam up. I have had to avoid negative energy and some people have found themselves excluded, unfairly, maybe, but I have been handling what I can handle.

I'm hoping to start some new traditions this Christmas... things to help tie our family together at Christmas. I can't really spend on gifts this year but I want to do something special... still trying to figure it out...

I think I'm about ready for bed... thanks for the great comments today... from new people! You encourage me just by taking the time to read... you are awesome! Hope y'alll stay warm and have a great Monday!



sober white women said...

I am sure that you will come up with a good idea. Money is tight all around, so you are not alone there.

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hiya.. hey when all else fails make home made gifts. I know alot of times I make cookies or maybe something crafty that isn't to expensive.. hope this helps..take care


Myra said...

For the second year in a row, we draw names, and give ornaments! It can be homemade or purchased, but we also have to write a short paragraph on why that person is special to us and/or family...why they matter. My kids (31 & 27) thought it was a cheesy idea at first, but when they did it, and received the thoughts of the giver, they are on board this year, wholeheartedly! One day, when the older generation is gone, the ornaments will serve as a momento of that person. I love homemade gifts.

Ericanbiloxi said...

I know of several people who do get togethers with friends and family at Christmas time and do a cookie party. They all bring a big batch of homemade cookies, along with the recipe, and they sit around and sample one anothers cookies and just visit.

Big Mark 243 said...

How to heal broken relationships ... IMO, you got to let go of the hurt and the pain. Oh, and ask for some forgiveness for what you have done ... WITHOUT QUALIFIERS.

I think that is a start.

Beth said...

For this year, my family has decided to not give any kind of gifts, and just enjoy our time together. We don't need more "stuff." My parents are very practical, and they are going to put together a big basket of groceries for a family member who is struggling financially. For other family members, Ken and I are "going green" and making a donation in their name to the Nature Conservancy. We feel that it's time to not worry about multiple gifts that don't mean a lot, and instead focus on things that can make a difference.

I think my parents' idea of a grocery basket is a good one. They're planning on a whole bunch of stuff for this family member, but maybe you could put together a gift bundle for a family dinner--pasta, sauce, stuff like that. All the fixins for a nice meal.

Let us know if you come up with some good ideas!