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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, November 10, 2008

more monday

For a monday, today wasn't so bad. I took my lunch to work (woohoo! two brown bag work days in a row!) and spent my lunch time working on my Beth Moore Bible Study for Wednesday night. I'm forever behind on my homework. I'm such a procrastinator. I love the study... hate the pressure of having to complete certain parts of it in a certain amount of time. What I'm saying, I think, is that I'm undisciplined and rebellious! Ha!

LOVING my new tv channels. Tonight I'm watching "Whatever Martha" where Martha Stewarts daughter critiques her mom's show. It's not really mean or anything, I mean, it's produced by Martha herself. It's absolutely hilarious and soooo irreverant! "She has an endless supply of birch twigs".

I had a picture of my brother's grandson, Ethan James Gant (the 4th generation James) and I couldn't open it and/or share it. Bummer! Angie has asked for pictures for Christmas so I need to start going through my pictures to pick my faves from this year... so many good ones!

The girls have their last soccer game tomorrow night. I wish I wasn't so tired at the end of the day... and I wish I got off earlier so that we could go... I'm also scheduled to go to a jewelry party for my friend Misti (not to be confused with my stepson's mother who passed away last week - this Misti is very much alive). Misti is adopting a baby in December and they're having a fundraising jewelry party and I would love to go and hang out with the girls from church... and I absolutely want to be supportive of Misti and Jerry - I just don't know if I can hang.

Although, I am feeling much better. Duane asked as I was leaving today if I was "blue"... I told him I was just dragging. I'm really ok. I think I'll always be tired.

There is this Family Guy bit that always makes me laugh like a complete idiot... the "wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man..." thing. My boys do it EVERY TIME we go by a wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man... and I can't even say it but I laugh my butt off when the boys do... tonight I FINALLY got to see the actual original bit on Family Guy. I was clapping my hands together like I was excited to see the short bus coming! Ah... the things that bring me joy!

Random banana moment today: I was having a little hunger pain mid to late afternoon and I reached in my Mary Poppins bag for a little snack... and found the banana leftover from my lunch... I had no sooner peeled it and started munching like a monkey swinging from a vine when Gus came walking in the front door of the office eating his own banana. It was such a goofy moment! I like Gus. He's a good guy. I like everyone in my office... not a rotten apple in the bunch!

Time for me to switch off the light and curl up with my remote... love and hugs to all y'all!


Kelly Dawn said...

did you watch jon & kate + 8? or 17 kids and MUST add those to your tv watchin' :)


Tina of Moon Shine said...

you will not always be tired! I kno it feels like that now, but keep doing hwat you are doing and one day, something is going to come up after work, and you are totally going to be up for it!
you are still healing and 40-plus is a lot to get used to on top of that.
big hug
have a great Tuesday

Beth said...

I've never seen the Family Guy episode of the inflatable arm wavy guy, but every time we go by one, Ken imitates him...and yes, it cracks me up every time!